North East Voip

Make cheap international calls using 使用northeastvoip.com撥打便宜的國際電話

ReLANpro Student Recorder

The language lab app for students. Now with LAN pairing and grouping. 學生語言實驗室應用程序。現在是局域網配對和分組。

USC Schedule Helper

Shows available seats, professor ratings, and gives you the ability to export your calendar! 顯示可用的座位,教授評分,并使您能夠導出您的日歷!

Venturesity Extension

Venturesity Extension keeps you updated with upcoming challenges and other resources on Venturesity. Venturesity擴展讓您隨時了解即將到來的挑戰和有關Venturesity的其他資源。

ClickUp: Tasks, Screenshots, Email, Time

ClickUp is a productivity platform that makes your personal and work lives more productive, saving you time. ClickUp是一個提高工作效率的平臺,它可以讓你的個人生活和工作更有效率,節省你的時間。

Save as Shortcut

Offers the ability to save tabs as Internet shortcut files. 提供將選項卡保存為Internet快捷方式文件的功能。

Disable Ynet auto refresh

Disables Ynet from auto refreshing every 15 minutes 禁止Ynet每15分鐘自動刷新一次.. You are just in the middle of a...


Removes all cookies for current site. 刪除當前站點的所有cookie。.. Click the broken cookie and all cookies for th...

TFS with Colors

This extension adds colors to the TFS task board 此擴展為TFS任務板添加顏色.. This extension adds colors to the TFS...


Do not miss the latest applications! With our extension you will not forget to access the latest applications on our website. 不要錯過最新的應用程序!通過我們的擴展,您不會忘記訪問我們網站上的最新應用程序。

Audi 只選擇最熱門的主題.. 主題:“奧迪” 通過Atavi.com感覺速度和風格與優雅的主題為瀏覽器 白車品牌“奧迪”適合作為背景,漂亮的汽車愛好者,在現實生活中還是虛擬的驅動程序。...

GitLab Dashboard

This extension shows a dashboard for all projects in GitLab 此擴展顯示GitLab中所有項目的儀表板

Better Stack Exchange

A revamped text editor that supports markdown, indentation, and more. A cleaner user interface that doesn't get in your way. 一個改進的文本編輯器,支持標記、縮進等。一個干凈的用戶界面,不會妨礙你。

Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires, you control the fate of your city throughout different historical periods. 在帝國的鍛造中库博体育官网登录,你控制著你的城市在不同歷史時期的命運。

PDF Forcedownload Blocker

This extension prevents webservers from forcing pdfs to download rather than open in browser 此擴展防止Web服務器強制PDF下載而不是在瀏覽器中打開

Water Reminder

Choose to have an audio, visual, or audio and visual reminder to take a drink, along with a wide audio selection. 選擇有一個音頻,視頻库博体育官网登录,或音頻和視頻库博体育官网登录提醒采取一個飲料库博体育官网登录,以及廣泛的音頻選擇。

PassLok for Email

High security encryption for email. PassLok is in no way associated with Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. 電子郵件的高安全加密。PassLok與Gmail、Yahoo或Outlook沒有任何關聯。

Frisky chat

Meet people with exactly the same sexual interests! Lots of people have the same interests. For example, "Star Wars". They are… 遇到性興趣完全相同的人!很多人都有相同的興趣愛好。例如,“星球大戰”。他們是…

New Tab Startup Quotes

Inspiring startup related quotes in every new Chrome tab. 在每一個新的Chrome標簽中都有鼓舞人心的創業相關引述。

Markdown New Tab

Take down notes 🗒️, save reminders ⏰, paste links 🔗, create checklists ☑️ all using markdown... directly in your New Tab! 記下筆記🗒️,保存提醒⏰,粘貼鏈接🔗,創建檢查表™️全部使用降價。。。直接在你的新標簽上!

Add Doc to Classroom

An extension to help teachers share Docs to Google Classroom 幫助教師共享文檔到Google教室的擴展

Net Wiz

The most reliable web browsing and shopping assistant, now available in your Chrome browser. 最可靠的網絡瀏覽和購物助手,現在可在您的Chrome瀏覽器。

Solitaire Games – World Collection

Soliataire game collection. Over 40 games! Soliataire游戲系列。超過40場比賽!.. Over 50 beautiful free web based S...

AcFun Fix


OFFICIAL NFL San Francisco 49ers HD Tab Theme

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL NFL 49ers new tab theme in the store! Support the team by downloading now. Go Niners! 這是唯一官方的NFL49ERS新標簽主題在商店!立即下載以支持團隊。去九點!

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