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Ever land on website hosted on, notice the URL and muddle the URL to try and find the repository? You're not alone!… 有沒有登錄過github.io上的網站,注意到這個URL并混淆URL以嘗試找到存儲庫?你不是一個人!…

Little Bridge English

Little Bridge - 快樂學英語的方式!.. 為什么不加入來自世界各地的超過500萬兒童,玩上百種游戲,享受有趣的英語課,在Grammar Factory觀看機器人,領養您的虛擬寵物狗Domino...


Save your time on job portals 節省工作門戶的時間.. This Google Chrome extension helps Recruitment Consultant Par...


幫你快速查看指定微博活躍粉絲數.. 幫你快速查看指定微博活躍粉絲數,篩掉僵尸粉...

Draw Canvas

Draw Canvas is a online collaborative drawing community where you can work with others to create and draw unbounded tile art. DrawCanvas是一個在線協作繪圖社區库博体育官网登录,您可以與其他人一起創建和繪制無限的瓷磚藝術。

OneSearch – Enhanced OneDrive™ Search

Instantly find files from your private and shared OneDrive™ documents 立即從您的私人和共享OneDrive™文檔中查找文件

Archiver on rollApp

File Roller — simple yet powerful archive manager that supports ZIP, RAR and other popular archives formats. 文件滾軸-簡單但功能強大的存檔管理器,支持ZIP、RAR和其他流行的存檔格式。

The New City Page Today

This extension sets your New Tab to City Page Today with photos, links, updates and more 此擴展將您的新選項卡設置為包含照片、鏈接、更新等內容的“城市”頁


A retro theme with neon colors featuring sunglasses and cassette tapes. The homepage is grayscale (so not to blind you) but the… 復古主題,霓虹燈顏色,太陽鏡和磁帶。主頁是灰色的(所以不是為了蒙蔽你),但…


send me some dank memes 給我寄些潮濕的紀念品.. Still stressing about that class you haven't gotten into yet? Usin...

USCIS Case Checker

This extension allows you to get the status of your USCIS Case when you open your browser 此擴展允許您在打開瀏覽器時獲取USCIS案例的狀態

Beaches Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy 16 of the best free jigsaw puzzles brought to you by PuzzleBoss, compatible with touchscreens and tablets and mouse! 享受16個的免費拼圖游戲由拼圖老板帶給你,兼容觸摸屏,平板電腦和鼠標!

AlphaSense Web Clipper

Easily save articles to AlphaSense 輕松地將文章保存到AlphaSense.. AlphaSense Web Clipper The intelligent way to...


Micro-donation on Facebook, using social content as a trigger. 在Facebook上進行微捐贈,使用社交內容作為觸發因素。

Clouds piano

Play the fantastic sounding piano from the documentary in your Chrome browser! 在Chrome瀏覽器中播放紀錄片cloudsovercuba.com中美妙動聽的鋼琴!

5miles for Chrome

Recommend for second hand goods 二手貨推薦.. This is the official 5miles Chrome extension. 5miles is an app ...

Nebulas Wallet

User Friendly $NAS Wallet. The easiest way to start using Nebulas. 用戶友好的$NAS錢包。使用星云最簡單的方法。

Highspot for Chrome

Pitch content from Highspot directly within popular social media channels as well as sales automation platforms. 直接在流行的社交媒體渠道和銷售自動化平臺中宣傳Highspot的內容。

Universal Home Link

Go to the host name of the URL of the given Tab 轉到給定選項卡的URL的主機名.. Universal Home Link will provide you ...

Kanbans for Box

Our Chrome Extension enhances how Chrome users interact with Kanbans 我們的Chrome擴展增強了Chrome用戶與看板的交互方式


Never shop blindly again. Find all promo codes and earn cashback on over 100 merchants! 再也不要盲目購物了。找到所有的促銷碼和賺取現金回報超過100個商家!

Jira Watcher

The best extension to take control of your Jira issues. 控制你的Jira問題的最佳擴展。.. This extension allows you to...

Space Ark @

3D space puzzle adventure! 三維空間拼圖冒險!.. What is Space Ark? It is a fun arcade/puzzle game with a hint o...


這個簡單的彈出可讓您輕而易舉的撤銷關閉的標簽!.. A fork of the Sexy Undo Close Tab extension, with a simpler and minimal look....

Rizzoma Topics

Let 1st student to ask, 2nd to comment, and all the group to see it. Share your course online. Let students to participate actively. 讓第一個學生提問,第二個學生評論,所有小組都看。在線分享你的課程。讓學生積極參與。

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