Get fit with fun, measurable, video workouts! 通過有趣的、可測量的視頻訓練來健身!.. hoolio makes it possible for you to ...


Beautiful data visualizations for anyone. 為任何人提供美麗的數據可視化。.. Datamatic.io is a new type of editor built ...

Targetprocess Screen Capture

Capture and annotate screenshots and create entities in your Targetprocess account. 捕獲和注釋屏幕截圖,并在Targetprocess帳戶中創建實體。


Add additional search engines to the selection context menu 將其他搜索引擎添加到選擇上下文菜單.. This extension allows y...


Screencapta is an easy-to-use screen capturing tool from right-click context menu. 屏幕截圖是一個易于使用的屏幕截圖工具,從右鍵單擊上下文菜單。

Timed Browser

Prove what research you have been doing on the web and for how long. 證明你在網上做了什么研究,做了多久。

Slack Bot-Filter

This extension allows one to filter bot messages out of a slack channel. 此擴展允許從空閑通道中篩選bot消息。

Jira Canned Responses

Choose from a set of canned responses for your jira comments and descriptions 為您的jira評論和描述從一組屏蔽響應中選擇

Compliments for VKontakte™

The button to add compliments in dialogue messages 在對話信息中添加稱贊的按鈕.. Дарите оригинальные комплименты с ра...

Tamper Api

Modify http requests using the provided api. 使用提供的api修改http請求。.. for more examples or to report bugs se...

German Cars Tab

開始與你一定會喜歡真棒圖像每一個新的標簽!.. Awesome high quality German Cars images in each new tab. For real fans, like I ...

Influencer research and outreach tool

Create your own influencer database while your are browsing and analyze their metrics with a single click. 創建自己的影響者數據庫,同時瀏覽并通過單擊分析他們的指標。

Fade to Bright Skin (by Skarv)

Clean, bright skin with a cool glass reflection frame. Should support resolutions up to 1920×1080 (16:9, 1080p HD). Also looks… 清潔,明亮的皮膚與涼爽的玻璃反射框架。應支持高達1920×1080(16:91080p高清)的分辨率。看起來…

Bitbucket Diff Tree

Extension to display diff tree for Bitbucket 顯示位桶差異樹的擴展.. Bring the DiffTree back from Bitbucket Server...

Erinome Chronicle Uploader

Загрузчик хроник для godville.net и godvillegame.com в хранилище gv.erinome.net godville.net和godvillegame.com下載

Sticky Notes – Just popped up!

Most beautiful, easiest, fastest note taking experience. Animated Themes, Fonts, Backup etc. (See demo) 最美,最簡單,最快的記錄經驗。動畫主題、字體、備份等(見演示)

Django Auto Refresh

Auto refreshes the browser page when Django development server reloads itself. Use with companion Django app: django-autorefresh. Django development server重新加載自身時自動刷新瀏覽器頁。與同伴Django應用程序一起使用:Django autorefresh。

DuckDuckGo Home Page

Quick link to DuckDuckGo search engine. 快速鏈接到DuckDuckGo搜索引擎。.. DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doe...

Fox Fire Xtreme

This is a Fox Fire Rings persona inspired theme for Chrome. 這是一個福克斯火環人物角色啟發的鉻主題。

Slither.io Mod Play with friends Without LAGS

Slither.io Mod: Zoom (Hack + Cheat), Play with friends, NO LAGS. Slither.io Mod:Zoom(Hack+Cheat),和朋友一起玩,不要遲到。

Simply Recipes

A family cooking and food blog with hundreds of healthy, whole-food recipes for the home cook. 一個家庭烹飪和食物博客,有數百個健康的,全食物食譜的家庭廚師。


Flow with the page as your read while the content is being automatically scrolled for you 當內容為您自動滾動時,將頁面作為您的閱讀內容流動

TTS Engine using Google Translate™

Uses Google Translate™ to provide a voice. 使用Google Translate™提供語音。.. THIS EXTENSION INCLUDES NO USER I...

SIP Phone Extension

This is Sip based soft Phone which have click to call, Caller information with name , call logs integration with CRM, ERP. 這是一款基于Sip的軟電話库博体育官网登录,具有點擊呼叫、帶姓名的呼叫者信息、與CRM、ERP集成的呼叫日志。

Roblox Friend Removal Button

Roblox Friend Removal Extension Roblox好友移除擴展.. Easily remove friends with a click of a button. Update...

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