Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Silence

Get ready for Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag with "Silence"… 準備好刺客信條四-黑旗上寫著“沉默”…

Lime Go eSignatures by GetAccept

Electronic Signatures and Document Tracking for Lime Go by GetAccept 電子簽名和文件跟蹤.. Have you ever wondered...

Pagico Browser Extension

Quickly save webpages to Pagico as new tasks. 快速將網頁另存為新任務。.. Have Pagico on your computer? Then use thi...

Pixel Helper

ByteDance Pixel Assistant The Pixel Helper is a plug-in that monitors whether your ByteDance Pixel is functioning properly. ByteDance Pixel Assistant像素助手是一個插件,用于監視ByteDance像素是否正常工作。

Private Boards for Pinterest Users

Repin from Pinterest to MikeLike private boards. Or right-click on any image on any site. 從Pinterest到MikeLike的私人董事會。或者右鍵單擊任何站點上的任何圖像。

Miracle Music Player

Search and play music conveniently. Easy usage and beautiful inteface. 方便地搜索和播放音樂。使用方便,界面美觀。

Email this page (ver I. DUMAIRE)

This extension adds an email button to the toolbar.You can set a default email address.The selected text is added inside the email. 此擴展將向工具欄添加電子郵件按鈕。您可以設置默認電子郵件地址。選定的文本將添加到電子郵件中。

Friendfeed Timeago

This extension shows the comment dates on your Friendfeed timeline. 此擴展顯示Friendfeed時間線上的評論日期。

Benis Egstension

Say benis with one click :DDDDDD (now with PRÖÖÖHHH!) 一鍵說貝尼斯:DDDDDD(現在是PRÖÖhh!).. Has it ever happened ...

Revert GitHub Logo

Reverts the GitHub logo to the default 將GitHub徽標還原為默認徽標.. Reverts the Github logo to its original state...

Discount Calculator

A simple caculator that also allows you to calculate common price discounts and tips with a single click. 一個簡單的計算器,也允許您計算常見的價格折扣和提示,只需點擊一次。

MSU Schedule Grades

Embeds GPA information into the Michigan State University Schedule Builder website. 將 GPA信息嵌入到密歇根州立大學日程生成器網站中。


CavinHR automates HR processes and lets you focus on your most important asset - your employees CavinHR自動化人力資源流程库博体育官网登录,讓您專注于最重要的資產——員工

Bonfire Unread Count

Add unread notifications on Bonfire 在篝火上添加未讀通知.. It adds an unread messages counter on the favicon. Se...

Walkman Organizer

WO helps you to organize your daily tasks easily 我們幫助您輕松安排日常工作.. Walkman Organizer extension is very ha...


Web-based Circuit Design and Analysis 基于Web的電路設計與分析.. TINACloud is the cloud based multi-language onlin...

Warrior Dragon

A Warrior and Dragon 4k theme based on the desktop background from… 一個戰士和龍的4k主題基于桌面背景從…

SP Editor

Create and update SharePoint Online/SP2013/SP2016/SP2019 css/js files, inject files to web, manage web/list properties, list Webhook 創建和更新SharePoint Online/SP2013/SP2016/SP2019 css/js文件,將文件注入web库博体育官网登录,管理web/list屬性,列出Webhook

CrossTec SchoolVue Student

CrossTec SchoolVue classroom management software gives instructors control of classroom technology at all times. This feature-rich… CrossTec SchoolVue教室管理軟件讓教師可以隨時控制教室技術。這個功能豐富…

Google Image Search

Quickly search by image using Google 使用Google快速按圖像搜索.. This extension for Google Chrome adds a shortcut...

Nice Font Rendering

替換字體,渲染陰影,提升瀏覽體驗。.. 請配合Google的Advanced Font Settings使用: Proportional fonts全選擇“微軟雅黑” Fixed-width fonts選擇...

Fix image size

Click to zoom the image. Example image see… 單擊以縮放圖像。示例圖片請參閱…

Hubstaff Time Tracker

Chrome time tracker with screenshots, online timesheets, task management, url monitoring & employee payroll 帶有屏幕截圖的Chrome時間跟蹤器、在線時間表、任務管理、url監控和員工工資單

Map Helper

A Chrome extension making the work with maps much easier 一個Chrome擴展,使得使用地圖更加容易.. Comparing and switchin...

Branches 只選擇最熱門的主題.. 主題:“分支” 通過Atavi.com盡情享受與瀏覽器中的淡粉色主題桌面 櫻花將呼吁所有可愛的女士們。現在安裝這個主題。 ...

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