Twitter Follower – Mass Follow,Like,Retweet

Twitter Follower.Mass Follows, UnFollows, Likes, UnLikes, Retweets and UnRetweets.This bot uses variable intervals while following. Twitter Follower.Mass Follows、UnFollows、Likes、unkes、Retweets和UnRetweets。此機器人在跟隨時使用可變間隔。

Nextvid Stopper for YouTube™

This extension stops YouTube™ playlists from going to the next video automatically by toggling autoplay to 'off'. 此擴展通過將“自動播放”切換到“關閉”,阻止YouTube™播放列表自動轉到下一個視頻。


Disables tabs for tab-less browsing 為無標簽瀏覽禁用標簽.. This extension disables tabbed browsing. Rather than o...

Games Search

Games Search 游戲搜索.. Easily search the web for FREE unlimited games. This extension configures your Def...

LaTeX, Desmos, and PDF extension

This extension allows a user to get a GIF from LaTeX, a GIF from a Desmos graph, and a PDF file. 此擴展允許用戶從乳膠中獲取GIF、從Desmos圖形中獲取GIF和PDF文件。


Tracks 23andMe Matches using a local database 使用本地數據庫跟蹤23和me匹配.. 529andYou version collects mat...


Changes all images on the internet with images of Bill Murray 使用Bill Murray的圖片更改internet上的所有圖像

Love Jike Extension

Better Jike Web 更好的Jike Web.. #朵爺又日常愛即刻了 這是一個為了讓即友在使用即刻 Web 版時獲得更好體驗的 Chrome 插件。 詳細文檔:https://github.c...

Cookie Inspector

Missing cookie manager for Google Chrome. Edit and create cookies right in the Developer Tools. 缺少Google Chrome的cookie管理器。在開發人員工具中編輯和創建cookie。


Comment and share in arabic. 用阿拉伯語評論和分享。.. Arabic keyboard for Facebook, that lets you comment, share a...

4chan X

Cross-browser userscript for maximum lurking on 4chan. 跨瀏覽器用戶腳本最大占用4Chan... This fork of 4chan X provid...

Link Collector

Quickly view and access all the links on any page. 快速查看和訪問任何頁面上的所有鏈接。.. Quickly view and access all the...

HTTPS Mixed Content Locator

Easily locate and identify mixed content on any HTTPS site. 在任何HTTPS站點上都可以輕松地定位和識別混合內容。

LIT Launcher

LIT Launcher inspires you to be more productive. Open a new tab to be inspired with a beautiful photo and a famous quote. 點燃發射器激勵你更有效率。打開一個新的標簽,以一張漂亮的照片和一句名言為靈感。


Arrgh Some Patchy Goodness to GitHub 給吉特胡布帶點小禮物.. * Collapse Content: Adds a header to issue comments w...

let me search

顯示淘寶二手、閑魚搜索功能.. ...

Dodge Viper Tab

開始與你一定會喜歡真棒圖像每一個新的標簽!.. Awesome high quality Dodge Viper images in each new tab. For real fans, like I ...


Highlights the movies you've already seen (voted for) when searching IMDb or displaying actor/director pages. 在搜索IMDb或顯示演員/導演頁面時突出顯示您已經看過(投票支持)的電影。

Playlist generator

Turns your unused, youtube bookmarks that are laying around into a playlist loop so you can turn them into hours of entertainment! 將您未使用的youtube書簽變成播放列表循環,這樣您就可以將它們變成幾個小時的娛樂!

Coloring book for kids

Free android cars for kids. Free coloring book for kids with cars pictures. Draw and learn basic colours. Colors with soundguide.… 兒童免費安卓汽車。為有汽車圖片的孩子們提供免費的彩色書籍。畫和學習基本顏色。帶聲音指南的顏色。…

TLDR: News Article Summarizer

This extension automatically summarizes news articles. 此擴展自動匯總新聞文章。.. When you are browsing a supported...


Lattice’s feedback tool empowers employees to share feedback throughout the year - no more waiting for the annual performance… 萊迪思的反饋工具使員工能夠全年分享反饋-不再等待年度績效…

Better Font on Windows

Improve websites appearance on Windows with better fonts replacement. 使用更好的字體替換來改進Windows上的網站外觀。


CSS3發生器應用程序,這將幫助你創造了驚人的,醒目和漂亮的按鈕沒有麻煩和壓力的網頁。.. 在網頁或網站,互聯網沖浪或研究人員認為,最常見的就是它的按鈕。按鈕在那里可以人重定向到另一個頁面或先于你到另一個步...

Freelancer Bidding

Bid automatically on your favorite freelancer sites 在你喜歡的自由職業者網站上自動出價.. Freelancer Bidding - A Freelanc...

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