Library Sidekick

Library Sidekick 圖書館助手.. Discover resources in your library as you use Google. When you search with Goo...

AlterNote Editor

An alternative implementation of the tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for the Evernote web client. 為Evernote web客戶端提供的tinyMCE WYSIWYG編輯器的另一種實現。

Save to Wanelo

Use it to add products you come across on the internet to your Wanelo collections and become famous. 使用它可以將你在網上遇到的產品添加到你的Wanelo系列中,從而成名。


Display Japanese vocabulary lists in an easy-to-read format. 以易于閱讀的格式顯示日語詞匯表。.. This app displays lists...

Share via Telegram

Allows to share current page via Telegram messenger in just one click 只需單擊一下即可通過Telegram messenger共享當前頁面

Pinyin Reader

Adds pinyin captions above Chinese Hanzi script 在漢字上方添加拼音標題.. Adds captions above all Chinese text on a...


獲取比特兒 的交易行情數據。.. 不用打開比特兒網站库博体育官网登录,即可獲取比特兒 的價格數據 1. 可設置刷新價格的時間間隔 2. 可設置要顯示的虛擬幣 3. 支持設置價格提醒 -...

C Money

Personal finance Assistant. 個人財務助理。.. CMoney(BETA) is personal finance management software. It lets use...


Access free webmaster tools and other useful resources for analyzing or optimizing websites. 訪問免費的網站管理員工具和其他有用的資源,分析或優化網站。

Nightscout Chrome Extension

Beta Build for Nightscout Chrome Extension! Github: Nightscout Chrome擴展的Beta版本!

Product Hunt Rank

Chrome extension that shows how many times a website was upvoted on Product Hunt Chrome擴展库博体育官网登录,顯示一個網站在產品搜索上被提升了多少次

Download Master – Free Download Manager

Download all files linked on the web page. Download Master 2016 shows all downloadable files, supports all websites & filetypes. 下載網頁上鏈接的所有文件。Download Master 2016顯示所有可下載文件,支持所有網站和文件類型。

Aliexpress Context Search

Quick search any selected text on any webpage by right click menu, on 通過Aliexpress.com上的右鍵菜單快速搜索任何網頁上的任何選定文本

Speak Any Text

Select any text you want to read and just listen to it! 選擇任何你想讀的文本,然后聽它!.. Are your eyes tired of readi...


Dark wood Google Chrome theme with 3D wood backgrounds. Pure simplicity. 黑木谷歌鉻主題與三維木材背景。純樸。

Claro MagX

Claro MagX for Chrome Claro MagX鉻合金.. Claro MagX turns your Chromebook into a powerful high definition ...

Remote Transmission ++

Download and manage torrents on a remote Transmission client. 在遠程傳輸客戶端上下載和管理Torrent。


找出當前頁面的所有圖片,提供按分辨率、鏈接等篩選圖片库博体育官网登录,做一個簡單好用的下載圖片擴展!.. An useful image batch download extension.You can filter by...

Memo Notepad

A simple and easy place for your thoughts and notes 一個簡單方便的地方,讓你的思想和筆記.. Memo Notepad is a very easy an...

NaviVoice: Voice Input Productivity Assistant

Surf the web with just your voice! 用你的聲音上網!.. NAVIVOICE - VOICE OPERATED PRODUCTIVITY ASSISTANT Are yo...

Twitch Emote Autocomplete

This extension autocompletes Twitch emotes using BTTV emote list (works only with BTTV installed!) 此擴展使用BTTV emote list自動完成Twitch emotes(僅適用于安裝了BTTV的情況!)

Burner Emails: Easy, Fast, Disposable Emails

Detects email fields as you browse and fills them with a burner email address that forwards to your personal email address 😎 在您瀏覽時檢測電子郵件字段,并用轉發到您個人電子郵件地址的burner電子郵件地址填充它們

Voodoo Skulls

Voodoo Skulls Theme For Chrome - This Theme Is Free To Download & Comes With Free Lifetime Updates... •CHROME THEMES ->-… 伏都教頭骨主題為鉻-這個主題是免費下載和免費終身更新。。。•CHROME主題->-…

moviesJunkie Search

moviesJunkie Search 電影迷搜索.. This extension configures your Default Search in Chrome browser to Yahoo to...

PEXA Digital Signing for Chrome

Sign PEXA documents 簽署PEXA文件.. PEXA provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents a...

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