Add to Sonos Queue

Add tracks from SoundCloud to your Sonos queue 將SoundCloud中的曲目添加到Sonos隊列.. Add tracks and playlists dir...

SafeInCloud Password Manager

This extension autofills logins, passwords, and credit cards from SafeInCloud application. 此擴展自動填充SafeInCloud應用程序中的登錄名、密碼和信用卡。

Old German town

A theme of the German town of Rothenburg. Photo by Ruben Holthuijsen. The part of the photo shown depends on your screen resolution… 德國羅森堡鎮的一個主題。魯本·霍爾特希森攝。照片顯示的部分取決于你的屏幕分辨率…

Learn Spanish with Yabla

Study Spanish with Authentic Videos. Paid App with free demo. 用真實的視頻學習西班牙語。付費應用程序免費演示。

Fuzed Chrome Extension

This extension is for Fuzed clients, connecting Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign and GetDrip 此擴展用于Fuzed客戶端,連接Ontraport、Infusionsoft、ActiveCampaign和GetDrip

Censorship Checker

Visually inspect censored HTML that Wisdom will mask for user privacy. 視覺檢查審查的HTML,智慧將掩蓋用戶隱私。

Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox

A quick way to manage and add leads, contacts to Zoho CRM from Gmail & Inbox. 一個快速的方法來管理和添加線索,從Gmail和收件箱聯系人到Zoho CRM。

True Content

TrueContent enables Internet users to vote any type of online content through browser extensions. TrueContent允許Internet用戶通過瀏覽器擴展對任何類型的在線內容進行投票。

RollOnBy Social Aggregator for Chromecast

RollOnBy Social Aggregator for Chromecast Chromecast的RollOnBy社交聚合器.. RollOnBy beautifully mashes your ...

Occupy The Bookstore: Compare Textbook Prices

Compare textbook prices directly on your bookstore website. Search 25+ stores at once. 直接在書店網站上比較教科書的價格。一次搜索25多家商店。

Quick Translate

This extension provides quick translation of selected texts 此擴展提供選定文本的快速翻譯.. Important notes: - The sh...

Myanmar ZawGyi and Unicode Converter

Myanmar ZawGyi and Unicode texts converter. 緬甸ZawGyi和Unicode文本轉換器。.. You can simply convert texts betwe...

ZenHub for GitHub Enterprise

ZenHub – Project Management Inside GitHub ZenHub——GitHub內部的項目管理.. ZenHub – Project Management Inside Gi...

Image Monkey

Manipulate all images on any page! 操作任何頁面上的所有圖像!.. Manipulate all images on any web page. Includes sli...


Enables you to embed video and audio recordings in your emails. 使您能夠在電子郵件中嵌入視頻和音頻錄制。

CC (云寶箱)

云集各種精彩應用,支持云同步去看圖管理標簽,還原瀏覽標簽集,擴展管理,翻頁翻面库博体育官网登录,批量下載库博体育官网登录,云購物,傳圖片,聽音樂,看視頻,發說說與微博,萬年歷,網址收藏,查快遞,查發票, 網絡搜索,瀏覽器功能快捷導航,網頁個性化配置;提高上網操作效率及互聯體驗

TruClient Lite for Chrome

An advanced technology for modern JavaScript based applications emulating user activity within a web browser 基于JavaScript的現代應用程序在web瀏覽器中模擬用戶活動的高級技術

Crypto Correct

Shows prices in USD on Uses the BTC/USD price given on for conversions. 在bittrex.com上以美元顯示價格。使用bittrex.com上給出的BTC/美元價格進行轉換。


Tinkercad - a browser based CAD for 3D printing. Tinkercad-一個基于瀏覽器的3D打印CAD。.. Design in 3D what you've ...

Instant Snopes Checker (Unofficial)

Don't be tricked by fake news, hoaxes, scams or myths. One click to fact check the current page on 不要被假新聞、騙局、騙局或神話所欺騙。單擊此處可查看Snopes.com上的當前頁面。


Add a tip button to tweets so you can easily send Nano through Twitter. 在tweets中添加一個提示按鈕,這樣您就可以輕松地通過Twitter發送Nano。

Marble Hop

Marble Hop is a solo marble game. This Pro vesion can be played offline and has number of challenging puzzles. 大理石跳躍是一個單獨的大理石游戲。這個職業維森可以離線玩库博体育官网登录,并有許多具有挑戰性的難題。

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats analyzes the page you are viewing and shows matching vehicle's stats - conveniently and inobtrusively. 凱爾特人調整車輛統計分析頁面,你正在查看和顯示匹配的車輛統計-方便和不具侵略性。

The Panic Room: House of Secrets

Have an appetite for suspense and mysteries? Don’t afraid to bite off more than you can chew? You’re in for a special treat! 對懸念和神秘感有興趣嗎?你不怕吃得太多而嚼不爛嗎?你是來享受特殊待遇的!

CodeHighlight – edit sources everywhere

Add source code highlight feature to any text editor or text document on any web page 向任何網頁上的任何文本編輯器或文本文檔添加源代碼突出顯示功能

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