The Universal Chrome app for Elecraft radios, and more to come! 通用的Chrome應用程序,用于Elecraft收音機,以及更多即將到來的東西!

Codealike time tracker

Track your activity on websites and merge it with your programming activity to discover more about how you code. 在網站上跟蹤您的活動,并將其與您的編程活動合并,以了解有關如何編寫代碼的更多信息。

TwitchPlaysN64 Controller

An interactive controller to use with twitch.tv/twitchplaysn64 -- map controller input to your keyboard. 與twitch.tv/twitchplaysn64一起使用的交互式控制器—將控制器輸入到鍵盤。

Amazon Order History Reporter

This extension extracts order history from your Amazon account. 此擴展從您的Amazon帳戶中提取訂單歷史記錄。

Quick GTasks

Quickly access and edit your Google Tasks™ conveniently from within Google Chrome 從Google Chrome中方便地快速訪問和編輯Google Tasks™

Island Stream Client

Island Stream Client 島流客戶端.. Connection client for the Island Stream streaming service brought to you b...

Embed YouTube™ Videos in Gmail

Embed Your YouTube™ Videos in Gmail 在Gmail中嵌入YouTube™視頻.. This extension lets you choose from any YouTu...


MyVocab adds more features to vocabulary.com. MyVocab為詞匯表網站增加了更多的功能。.. MyVocab makes it just a click to...


玩游戲軍團。軍隊或戰爭吸毒者?通過成為英勇的第一功臣得到你的榮譽勛章。.. Army Games Online Ten-hut, soldier! You've been enlisted to play...

Bunny Rabbit Eggs Collector

This Easter help our bunny rabbit collect as many eggs as you can. 這個復活節幫助我們的兔子收集盡可能多的雞蛋。

Dark Dino

Replace the default error pages on Google Chrome web browser to a darker version (night mode). 將Google Chrome瀏覽器上的默認錯誤頁面替換為較暗的版本(夜間模式)。

TestMy.net Speed Test

Test, log and compare your Internet connection speed with this real world speed test. 測試,記錄并比較您的互聯網連接速度與這個現實世界的速度測試。

Conferencing Plugin

This extension allow you to share your desktop or a list of applications during your conference. Share the screen from your… 此擴展允許您在會議期間共享桌面或應用程序列表。分享你的屏幕…

Stop Mod Reposts

檢測并在瀏覽非法發布Minecraft模組的網站時發出警告.. 版權被侵犯已是Minecraft的模組制作者們的日常。 現在库博体育官网登录,那些知名模組中,有很多都被第三方網站以各種方式復制并二次發布,同時既沒有任何鳴謝...

Helix Jump Online

Collect diamonds while jumping, remember not let the ball hit the yellow part, cause that would be the end of game 跳躍時收集鉆石,記住不要讓球碰到黃色部分,因為那將是比賽的結束

videoJunkie Search

videoJunkie Search 視頻癮君子搜索.. This extension configures your Default Search in Chrome browser to Yahoo!....

拷貝為 Markdown

將你在頁面中選中的HTML格式轉化為Markdown格式。.. Just select HTML in your page and then click the the 'M' icon in the ex...

Lead Connect | Outreach Platform

With smart messaging cadence, Unlimited Hubspot & Email Finder Integrations 具有智能信息節奏、無限制的Hubspot和電子郵件查找器集成

AT Internet Tag Inspector

Tag Inspector Analytics Tool 標記檢查器分析工具.. Tag Inspector is a new tool enabling you to verify the AT Inte...


Makes your scrollbars invisible. 使滾動條不可見。.. Invisibars is a Chrome extension which removes wasteful scr...

YouTube Chronological Order

Watch all videos from a channel in chronological order 按時間順序觀看頻道中的所有視頻.. Intended to help you binge all...


Help developers organize and structure information related to programming decisions. 幫助開發人員組織和組織與編程決策相關的信息。

Ask A Question

Through Ask a Question you get to ask IITBombay Professors conceptual doubts that you have in the fields of engineering and science. 通過提問,你可以向IITBombay教授提出你在工程和科學領域的概念性疑問。

Super Focus Tabs

Quickly find out tab/page. Reduce much more time while working with multiple tabs/pages. 快速查找標簽頁。在使用多個選項卡/頁面時減少更多時間。


This extension allows users to store currently open tabs into temporary saved groups to be re-opened at a later time 此擴展允許用戶將當前打開的選項卡存儲到臨時保存的組中,以便以后重新打開

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