Forces your browser to use old twitter. 強制您的瀏覽器使用舊的twitter。.. This Add-on brings back old twitter by ch...

Jira Alert and Updates

Jira Notifications in your chrome browser chrome瀏覽器中的Jira通知.. JiraAlert notifies you for any status/com...

ISOM Canvas Tools

Provides extra functions on University of Auckland's Canvas environment. 在奧克蘭大學的畫布環境中提供額外的功能。


Capture pages or blocks with the awesome smart screen capture tool! 使用超棒的智能屏幕捕獲工具捕獲頁面或塊!


See the most recently released Trimble SketchUp Plugins from SketchUcation in your Chrome browser. 在Chrome瀏覽器中查看SketchUcation最近發布的Trimble SketchUp插件。

Extended S3 Browser

An extension to browse S3 files on your chrome browser. 在chrome瀏覽器上瀏覽S3文件的擴展名。.. I've recently added th...

Wikipedia Quick Hints

Display quick description of the terms in the Wikipedia article. 顯示維基百科文章中術語的快速描述。


桌面風格的新標籤儀表板!.. Airdesk變更"New Tab",在瀏覽器上打造自己的空間。 可以將擬製的所有要素拉出來。 "你認爲,這是一臺專門爲網絡設計的個人電腦。" 打造完成想要作業的圖標。 A...


Catalog your comic collection online. Automatic issue details and cover art. Just enter comic titles or scan barcodes. 在線編目你的漫畫收藏。自動發布細節和封面藝術。只需輸入漫畫標題或掃描條形碼。

Local Explorer – File Manager on web browser

File Manager for Chrome, open files and folders on local directories or network shares 用于Chrome的文件管理器库博体育官网登录,打開本地目錄或網絡共享上的文件和文件夾

MetaCert: Internet Security

A new standard for website identity, making it virtually impossible for anyone to fall for a dangerous link or deceptive website. 一個新的網站身份標準,使任何人幾乎不可能愛上一個危險的鏈接或欺騙網站。


Free Web App for Transferring Files across Cloud Drives and Managing, Syncing for Multiple Clouds. 免費的Web應用程序库博体育官网登录,用于跨云驅動器傳輸文件和管理、同步多個云。

Sixteen By Niner

Resize your browser's viewport to the most common aspect ratio for video (16x9) in just one click. 只需單擊一次,即可將瀏覽器的視窗大小調整為視頻的最常見縱橫比(16x9)。

CSS Gridish

Check how a webpage aligns with your grid design generated by CSS Gridish 檢查網頁如何與CSS Gridish生成的網格設計對齊

AncestryDNA Helper

This extension downloads list of matching users and ancestor information. 此擴展下載匹配用戶和祖先信息的列表。

A Bit Better Mint

Do a bit more on Mint transaction page 在薄荷交易頁面上多做一點.. Are you a big fan of You can't think of...

Learn Spanish – Qué Onda

Interactive audio lessons and games for studying Spanish 學習西班牙語的交互式音頻課程和游戲.. Qué Onda Spanish is the ul...


Manage your tabs 管理標簽頁.. Features: - choose, where will be the focus after closing a tab; - choose de...

WWE News – Sportfusion

The best way to keep up with everything WWE. 跟上每件事的方法。.. No matter when or where you are, we are here...


De-centralized Communications for Enterprise Ethereum 企業以太坊的去中心化通信.. Etherlynk Communicator is a decent...


ViViWo 維維沃.. This extension is esential for the proper functioning of ViViWo platform under chrome envi...

Sporting News by MyTab

Everything you need to know about the NBA in one single place, directly from Sporting News on your homepage. 所有你需要知道的關于NBA在一個地方库博体育官网登录,直接從你的主頁上的體育新聞。


A theme based of the Nord colour swatch by arctic ice studios 北極冰層工作室基于北歐色板的主題.. See, now...


The Chaotic Two-Player Telephone Game From 1897. 1897年混亂的雙人電話游戲。.. The Chaotic Two-Player Telephone Gam...

Estimations Plugin for Microsoft Planner

This extension sums up numbers given in the title of Microsoft Planner cards 此擴展總結了Microsoft計劃卡標題中給出的數字

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