Seismic for Gmail

With the NEW Seismic for Gmail, users can send Seismic content swiftly and seamlessly from Gmail, and receive a treasure trove of… 有了Gmail的新Seismic,用戶可以從Gmail中快速、無縫地發送地震內容,并獲得…

Daily Motivation – Motivational Quotes

Start every search with motivation. This extension presents you with a motivational quote every time you open a new tab. 帶著動力開始每一次搜索。每次打開新標簽頁時,此擴展都會向您顯示一條激勵性引語。

Hide images with NOPE.

Hide page images 隱藏頁面圖像.. Articles with images get better engagement and time on page. Publishers know ...

Bestiaire Draft Enhancer

Enhances the deck-building features of with casting-cost sorting, easier selecting. Loads data from 增強draft.bestiaire.org的甲板建造功能,鑄造成本分類,更容易選擇。從mtgjson.com加載數據。

Imgur Favorite Folders

This extension allows you to sort your favorite images into folders 此擴展允許您將喜愛的圖像排序到文件夾中

Inbox Zero FTW for Gmail

Get rewarded when you clear your inbox with a random animated GIF 當你用一個隨機的動畫GIF清除收件箱時會得到獎勵

Reddit Flattener

Flattens and cleans up the Reddit UI. 扁平和清理Reddit UI。.. Cleans up and flattens the look of Reddit. Tire...

Free Gmail Signature – Light Blue

Free Gmail HTML email signature - themed in Light Blue - quick and easy to use 免費Gmail HTML電子郵件簽名-淺藍色主題-使用方便快捷

Spell Checker for Chrome

Spell Checker extension for Chrome. It's easy to use and fast. This extension supports 12 languages for spell check. Chrome的拼寫檢查擴展。它使用方便快捷。此擴展支持12種語言進行拼寫檢查。

–Fix SalesForce bubble text–

This extension Fix SalesForce help bubbles 此擴展修復SalesForce幫助氣泡.. Fix the HelpText bubbles in SalesForce...

Blinded by the Sight

This extension raises awareness for a very common accessibility problem on webpages: the missing alternative description for images. 此擴展提高了對網頁上一個非常常見的可訪問性問題的認識:缺少圖像的可選描述。

添加到 Things

快速添加任何網頁到 Things App 里。.. ...

NightBits Chrome Black Style!

NightBits Chrome Black Style ! Also check out my styles for Facebook: Facebook:… 夜總會鉻黑色風格!也可以看看我的Facebook風格:Facebook:…

二維碼生成器 (Quick QR)

Chrome上好評率最高的二維碼生成器:可以方便地把當前頁面轉化成二維碼,也可以把網頁上任何文本或鏈接,甚至是您輸入的任意內容都轉化成二維碼.. 這是目前Chrome上好評率最高、每周使用人數超過25萬的二...

Siteimprove Browser Extension

Measure of the quality and potential impact of a site's digital presence 衡量網站數字存在的質量和潛在影響


Track time directly in project management tools. 在項目管理工具中直接跟蹤時間。.. Log hours spent on projects and task...

HTML DOM Navigation

HTML DOM Navigation lets you view the node tree in a simple and easy way. IRB would be really useful for Watir automation. HTML DOM導航允許您以簡單易用的方式查看節點樹。IRB對水處理自動化非常有用。

Smart-Read E-book Reader

Read in a smart way. 以聰明的方式閱讀。.. SmartRead is an open-source E-book Reader application. It is completel...

Fall up the Tumwater Theme

Theme fits all resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. Image by: Brad Granger For other themes visit… 主題適用于1920 x 1080的所有分辨率。圖片作者:布拉德格蘭杰為其他主題訪問…

Typing games for my son

Typing game for kids 兒童打字游戲.. Developed for my son, who eager to experiment on my keyboard. Features ...

EXLcode – VS Code-based Online IDE

Supercharge your development experience with the professional EXLcode cloud IDE, GitHub integration, and Chrome extension! 使用專業的EXLcode cloud IDE、GitHub集成和Chrome擴展增強您的開發體驗!

Weebly – Website Builder

Easily create a free site, blog or online store. No technical skills required. Hosting included. 輕松創建免費網站、博客或在線商店。不需要技術技能。包括主機。

Sielinski’s Dream

A dream made by Sielinski himself 錫林斯基自己做的夢.. [1/31/2019] ***NOTICE*** Hello everyone, I've made this ...

SaferPass: Password Manager for Free

Never forget a password again! SaferPass will make your life easier and passwords safer. 再也不要忘記密碼了!SaferPass會讓你的生活更輕松,密碼更安全。

gUnify JobDiva Connector

The JobDiva Connector is a cloud-based solution for JobDiva users. JobDiva連接器是JobDiva用戶的基于云的解決方案。

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