This extension allows browser actions with German, French, Italian and Spainish dictionaries. 此擴展允許使用德語、法語、意大利語和西班牙語詞典進行瀏覽器操作。

Pushover for Google Chrome

Pushover for Google Chrome, with your own key and token. 谷歌瀏覽器的Pushover,有你自己的密鑰和令牌。

What Is The Theme – WordPress theme detector

A free tool that allows you to detect the Wordpress theme used on a website. 一個免費的工具库博体育官网登录,允許你檢測網站上使用的Wordpress主題。

Friendly Bookmarks

Share your bookmarks, organize them and search with tags and properties 共享書簽、組織書簽并使用標記和屬性進行搜索


A new, new tab 新的,新的標簽.. Helium is a very lightweight extension that replaces your old tab page, with a...

Mixpanel Debugger

Displays the live log of decoded Mixpanel Events 顯示解碼的Mixpanel事件的實時日志.. Mixpanel Debugger will help you...

ORC Text Snap

Extract text from images with Optical Character Recognition 利用光學字符識別從圖像中提取文本.. Optical Character Recogn...

Modern Gray

Modern Gray Theme! Get it Now! 現代灰色主題!快去拿!.. Modern and Minimalist Gray Theme! Get it Now! Follow me ...


Improve your focus and boost your productivity. Block out annoying noises and create the right environment for working or relaxing. 提高你的注意力库博体育官网登录,提高你的工作效率。排除惱人的噪音库博体育官网登录,創造適合工作或放松的環境。

Emoji for Twitter

Add Emojis To Your Tweets. 在你的推文中添加表情符號。.. 📌 Notice : Since Twitter added their native emoji composer t...

Web Tracker

Track time spent on websites 跟蹤在網站上花費的時間.. 100% free, no ads. Accurately track how much time you spend...


This extension outline color for * 此擴展輪廓顏色用于*.. Add outline color to all element to quickly see which d...

ReachUC Complete

This Chrome extension allows you to Click-to-Dial phone numbers on web pages, send SMS and fax messages, and schedule web meetings. 此Chrome擴展允許您單擊以在網頁上撥打電話號碼、發送短信和傳真,以及安排網絡會議。

Cloud FLAC, MP3, AAC Player

Listen to high quality music on your browser and Google Drive. Supports FLAC, MP3, AAC(m4a) audio files. 在瀏覽器和谷歌硬盤上欣賞高品質音樂。支持FLAC、MP3、AAC(m4a)音頻文件。

Less Boring New Tab

Redesigned new tab page. 重新設計的新標簽頁。.. Your browser deserves a better new tab page. ...

Witchcraft – The Magic Cauldron

A magical match-3 game awaits you in Witchcraft - The Magic Cauldron! 一場神奇的第三場比賽在魔法大鍋等著你!

YouTube Analytics Views Per Hour/Minute

YouTube Analytics Views Per Hour/Minute 每小時/分鐘YouTube分析視圖數.. This works in the Realtime view in YouTube...


Starty is a simple speed dial functionally similar to the one used in Opera. Starty是一個簡單的快速撥號功能類似于在歌劇中使用。

The Legend of Equip Pants

An Episodic Adventure RPG 情節冒險.. The Legend of Equip > Pants is an episodic, puntastic pantsventure ...

多重搜索 & 多跳

您可以跳轉到每個搜索字的搜索結果。.. Search inside the page and highlight it. Since the search field does not disappear...

Random Fact – New Tab

Get a random fact about todays date every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome. 每次你在Google Chrome中打開一個新的標簽頁時,都會得到一個關于今天日期的隨機事實。

netGaming Search

netGaming Search 網絡游戲搜索.. Easily search the web for FREE unlimited games. This extension configures you...

Twinoo Brain Training – Test your Brain

Test your left and right brain with Twinoo Brain Training - 5 million players already did! 用Twinoo brain訓練測試你的左右腦-500萬玩家已經做了!

KeePass Tusk – Password Access and Autofill

Readonly KeePass password database integration for Chrome™ 用于Chrome™的只讀KeePass密碼數據庫集成


OME gives you a context menu for opening files in your editor on Chromium Code Search and Code Review. OME提供了一個上下文菜單,用于在編輯器中打開有關Chromium代碼搜索和代碼審閱的文件。

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