If you don't think poo is hilarious, I'm sorry that your sense of humor is defective. 如果你覺得小便不好笑,我很抱歉你的幽默感有缺陷。

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

Enhanced it for custom settings's field search and tooltip in the searched results by Shubham Bhatt. All thanks to Sameer N Miraj. 在Shubham Bhatt的搜索結果中增強了自定義設置的字段搜索和工具提示。多虧了米拉吉。

Auto Logout

Automagically logout from facebook, twitter and quora after 10 minutes. 10分鐘后自動從facebook、twitter和quora注銷。


Helper tools 輔助工具.. Auxilio provides: a) new "new tab" page b) additional tab in devtools An in-depth ...

Korean IME with Romanization Tool

Allows one to type in Korean Hangul and includes a romanization tool. 允許鍵入朝鮮語,并包括一個羅馬化工具。

dA Message Notifier

A notifier for deviantART messages. Keep track of your dA inbox! deviantART消息的通知程序。跟蹤你的dA收件箱!


Sometimes you need a break from genius. 有時你需要從天才中解脫出來。.. We can all agree that Kanye West is a musical ...

Rift (1440*900a)

A surreal, beautiful photomanipulation best viewed in 1440*900. 一個超現實的,美麗的照片操作在1440*900觀看。

RetroSuite EMU

Play your favorite NES, SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance ROMs; use your phone as your controller - or use custom keyboard mappings. 玩你最喜歡的NES、SNES、Gameboy和Gameboy Advance ROMs;使用手機作為控制器-或使用自定義鍵盤映射。

Introduce Forex

Learn how to become an introducing Broker and enjoy competitive payouts 學習如何成為一名介紹經紀人并享受有競爭力的報酬

Worklog Tracker

Browser extension for sharing work log between different time trackers 用于在不同時間跟蹤器之間共享工作日志的瀏覽器擴展

Crollbar (Wide Light Grey/Blue Version)

Pure CSS3 Wide Light Grey/blue Scrollbar. (very low resource use!) Kavorka Designs - Crollbar http://crollbar.kavorka-designs.me 純CSS3寬淺灰色/藍色滾動條。(資源利用率非常低!)Kavorka設計-Crollbar http://Crollbar.Kavorka-Designs.me

Tab Switchy

Gives the freedom to play with tabs 提供了使用標簽頁的自由.. ‘Tab-Switchy’ helps user to manage open tabs effectiv...

Sybu JavaScript Blocker

Fast and easy to use JavaScript blocker 快速易用的JavaScript攔截器.. Sybu JavaScript Blocker is a Google Chrome...

CoverageBook Clipper

Captures Coverage 捕獲覆蓋范圍.. ‘CoverageBook Clipper’ copies coverage URLs and captures images so you don’t...


高效實用的 Chrome 新標簽頁擴展。.. 概述:此擴展在新標簽頁中提供了 20 個桌面小工具,以及書簽管理、歷史管理、擴展管理、下載文件管理和快速搜索等功能 (所以安裝時會提示需要這些權限)。 Re-...

Starry – Startup Info in One Click

CrunchBase, AngelList, Alexa, and Linkedin integrated. Startup info all in one click. CrunchBase, AngelList, Alexa, and Linkedin integrated. Startup info all in one click.


一個驚人的舊校園風格的像素遊戲,6個功夫高手決定殺死殭屍拯救公主.. 如何玩: - 選擇你最喜歡的角色 - 點擊向左或向右攻擊 - 點擊向下錘在地上。 ...

Improving the Paydirt Time Tracker

This extension makes Paydirt's Time Tracker sidebar easier to navigate, especially if you have a lot of active projects. 這個擴展使得Paydirt的時間跟蹤器側邊欄更容易導航库博体育官网登录,特別是當你有很多活動項目的時候。

Shadow Kings

Fight with elves and dwarves against orcs and the forces of evil! Defend your city and become the most powerful lord of all! 與精靈和矮人對抗獸人和邪惡勢力!保衛你的城市库博体育官网登录,成為最強大的主!

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

The best word search 最佳單詞搜索.. Halloween version of the classic word search puzzle with more options mak...

MSU Theme 1600X900

Awesome Michigan State University Theme! Formatted for 1600x900. Now works on Linux! Other resolutions available: 1366x768 -… 很棒的密歇根州立大學主題!格式化為1600x900。現在可以在Linux上工作了!其他可用分辨率:1366x768-…


Chat e Incontri 100% Gratis 聊天和會議100%免費.. Con Lovepedia fai nuovi incontri e chatti con persone interes...

RegExp Download Organizer

Forget about the mess in your Downloads folder! 忘了下載文件夾里亂七八糟的東西吧!.. Version 0.2.5 * Fixed broken predef...

LocaProxy Toolbar

LocaProxy Toolbar is a free proxy manager and switcher for Chrome. LocaProxy Toolbar是一個免費的Chrome代理管理器和切換器。

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