Online Learning Community for Junior and Leaving Cert. Students 初級和畢業證書學生在線學習社區.. is a fr...


The Experience Design Platform for IoT 物聯網體驗設計平臺.. Our platform lets you orchestrate experiences based ...

Ripple (XRP) Price Ticker

XRP Price Ticker (price taken from ''). Extension shows XRP valued in Bitcoin and USD. XRP價格標簽(價格取自“”)。擴展顯示了以比特幣和美元計價的XRP。

Sawab & Inspiration

Open an empty tab and enjoy an Islam-themed background image, all prayer times, a TO-DO list and a random Bukhari hadith. 打開一個空的標簽,享受一個以伊斯蘭教為主題的背景圖片,所有的祈禱時間库博体育官网登录,一個待辦事項列表和一個隨機的布哈里圣訓。

Edit with Emacs

Allow user to edit web-page textareas with Emacs (and other editors). 允許用戶使用Emacs(和其他編輯器)編輯網頁文本區域。

LaterBox – New Tab

Beat procrastination and do important work first. 克服拖延,先做重要的工作。.. Maintain your focus by putting your r...

mitoYDNA File

Creates a file for uploading to mitoYDNA. 創建上載到mitoYDNA的文件。.. This extension creates a CSV file while o...

Decorating Games – Clay Pot at Duckie Deck

Paintings on clay pots are among the first works of art known to man. 陶罐上的繪畫是人類已知的最早的藝術作品之一。

Word Search Puzzle Game

3000+ word search puzzles free. Solve easy ones & unlock all levels! 3000多字的搜索拼圖免費。解決簡單的問題并解鎖所有關卡!


A free online Markdown editor that tastes like GitHub. 一個免費的在線降價編輯器库博体育官网登录库博体育官网登录,嘗起來像GitHub。..