Force Underline

Underlines all links on a page 在頁面上的所有鏈接下劃線.. No more hidden links on Wikipedia and other site, who dec...

Cumulus Web Beta

Helping users of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud by adding custom functionality. 通過添加自定義功能幫助Plex Manufacturing Cloud的用戶。

Shoptagr – Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Maximize your savings. 最大化你的儲蓄。.. Never miss a price drop or a coupon code!  Shoptagr w...

Basis.js Devtools

Developer tools plugin to embed Basis.js app inspector 嵌入Basis.js app inspector的開發工具插件

Gun Blood

Gun Blood 是一個令人上癮的西部槍戰游戲從 WolfGames。游戲的使命是通過擊敗所有神槍手在一對一槍戰斗成為最令人恐懼的槍手。將鼠標放在槍分庭,等待 3 秒鐘,和當倒計時達到 '火',拍攝您你可以盡可能快的對手。多玩槍血 !

WifiTransfer – Instant wireless file transfer

Wirelessly transfer files between your computer and mobile phone over local network with a single tap. 只需輕觸一次即可通過本地網絡在計算機和手機之間無線傳輸文件。

Link Xtractor

Link Xtractor lets you extract all the links from Google Search Results or from any HTML page Link Xtractor允許您從Google搜索結果或任何HTML頁面中提取所有鏈接


This extension calculates your current GPA 此擴展計算您當前的GPA.. ***1.0.5 note***: WPS decided to change "HNRS...

RideShare Trip Stats

Analyzes your rideshare profile to show statistics on your rides! 分析您的游樂設施配置文件,以顯示您的游樂設施的統計數據!


This extension reads the current page 此擴展讀取當前頁.. We developed Laz-eReader to give the user the ability ...

Crypto Price Tracker

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker 加密貨幣價格跟蹤器.. Buy/Track prices of all major cryptocurrencies i.e. bitcoin, e...


Learn languages while reading news online 在線閱讀新聞時學習語言.. Have you tried learning a foreign language onli...

News Feed for GitHub

GitHub news feed notifications directly in the browser 直接在瀏覽器中提供GitHub新聞提要通知.. This extension will noti...

IRCCloud Notifier

Toolbar notifier for IRCCloud highlights IRCCloud高光工具欄通知程序.. Get IRCCloud notifications even when you'r...

ORGanizer for Salesforce Theme

ORGanizer for Salesforce official Chrome Theme. The actual extension can be downloaded for FREE at .… Salesforce官方Chrome主題的組織者。實際的擴展名可以在免費下載。…

SteamProphet Ex

Make your SteamProphet vote from any steam related website 從任何與steam相關的網站進行steam Prophet投票

Corona Beach, Cancun Mexico

Enjoy the blue Caribbean sea and an ice cold Corona beer for an inspiring travel experience relax at the beach of Cancun, Mexico. 享受藍色加勒比海和一個冰冷的電暈啤酒為一個鼓舞人心的旅行體驗放松在海灘上的坎昆库博体育官网登录,墨西哥。


The most popular Imgur photos and images on Reddit. Navigate with scrolling, key arrows, buttons or swiping. Reddit上最流行的圖片和圖片。使用滾動、鍵箭頭、按鈕或滑動進行導航。

Hacker News Shortcut

Browse Hacker News with your keyboard! 用鍵盤瀏覽黑客新聞!.. Version 1.7 details - 9/14/14 1, Kept up with HN ch...

NFL Buffalo Bills New Tab

Customize your New Tab page for Chrome and enjoy NFL Buffalo Bills themed wallpaper images with every new tab. 為Chrome定制您的新標簽頁,并在每個新標簽頁上欣賞NFL布法羅比爾主題墻紙圖像。

NHL St. Louis Blues New Tab

New tab experience for STL Blues hockey fans STL藍調曲棍球球迷的新體驗.. Please Rate Us! If you feel we don’t des...

Translate for Drive

Translator for Drive, Translate a document from Google Drive. Support PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, or RTF file type. 驅動器翻譯,從谷歌驅動器翻譯文件。支持PDF、TXT、DOC、PPT、XLS、DOCX、PPTX、XLSX或RTF文件類型。

Winter Wolf

Another angular animal theme for google chrome. 谷歌chrome的另一個角度動物主題。.. Another angular animal theme for ...

Cute HD Wallpapers New Tab

This new extension offers great images with every new tab and was made for all fans of Cute Wallpapers. 這個新的擴展提供了偉大的圖像與每一個新的標簽库博体育官网登录,是為所有可愛的墻紙愛好者。


In this game, your goal is to become a retail tycoon by taking a small store and building a business empire! 在這個游戲中,你的目標是成為一個零售大亨,通過采取一個小商店和建立一個商業帝國!

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