Essay Writing Service Australia 澳大利亞論文寫作服務.. Executing a well-composed, logical paper is a challenge ev...

Distant Planets

Mario bross like game 馬里奧·布羅斯式的游戲.. Your ship has fallen into a wooded planet, defeat all kind of bugs,...

Magic Theme 2

A theme to integrate the browser Google Chrome™/Chromium™ in modern operating systems. This grey theme was build to have a… 在現代操作系統中集成瀏覽器Google Chrome™/Chrome™的主題。這個灰色的主題是為了…

Emp.me URL shortener service

Emp.me URL shortener service extension. Short current page URL with the ease of a right button click! Emp.me URL shortener服務擴展。使用右鍵單擊即可縮短當前頁面的URL!


A view of Jupiter 木星的景色.. A view of Jupiter ...

Star Wars The Force Awakens [FVD]

Star Wars The Force Awakens Theme for Google Chrome and FVD Speed Dial with 3D new tab page [FVD] 星球大戰原力喚醒谷歌Chrome和FVD主題快速撥號與3D新標簽頁[FVD]

WorkFlowy Presenter

Presenter for workflowy.com. workflowy.com的演示者。.. WorkFlowy Presenter Presenter for workflowy.com. It c...

Cookie manager

Manage cookies for any webpage via an stylish popup window 通過時尚的彈出窗口管理任何網頁的cookies


Discover the world’s most beautiful places at every opened tab. 在每個打開的標簽頁上發現世界上最美麗的地方。

Auto HD for YouTube (OpenSource)

Automatically loads HD (or any) quality and disable user's featured video autostart. Source: https://github.com/peter-lang/autohd 自動加載HD(或任何)質量并禁用用戶的特色視頻自動啟動。來源:https://github.com/peter-lang/autohd

Buy2you shopping-widget

Browse Taobao/Tmall website,via buy2you shopping-widget add to shopping cart,Easier way buy the items and delivery worldwide to you 瀏覽淘寶/天貓網站,通過buy2you購物小部件添加到購物車,更方便地購買商品并在全球范圍內交付給您

PanLex Translator

View translations of words from any language to any language 查看從任何語言到任何語言的單詞翻譯.. How to use 1) After in...

TexAu Chrome Extension

TexAu Chrome Extension makes TexAu easier to use by automatically retrieving your session cookies. TexAu Chrome擴展通過自動檢索會話cookie使TexAu更易于使用。

Popup Intercept – One Window

Intercept popup windows and force them into a tab of the main window. Options to select only the URL's that you would like. 攔截彈出窗口并將其強制放入主窗口的選項卡中。選項库博体育官网登录,僅選擇所需的URL。

FYI: Search, Find, and Organize Documents

Get access to the documents you need, right when you need them, in a new tab. FYI connects with Mac, Windows, G Suite, Slack,… 在一個新的標簽頁中訪問所需的文檔。僅供參考库博体育官网登录,可連接Mac、Windows、G套件、Slack,…


browsePrivately 眉目傳情.. Search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiab...

LoL Stream Browser

Browse and watch League of Legends livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live. 瀏覽并觀看傳奇聯盟直播。將流標記為收藏夾,并在流處于活動狀態時接收警報。

Terrapin Works Label Printing

One click printing for the Dymo 一鍵式打印.. Internal chrome extension for Terrapin Works employees at the U...

URL code generator

Generate url code to open easily on mobile 生成url代碼以便在移動設備上輕松打開.. Generate QR-code from browser URL ...


Remove Content-Disposition: attachment HTTP header. 刪除內容處置:附件HTTP頭。.. Sometimes you want to see files i...

Natural Adviser for health and life

Organic remedies for your health and life. Natural tips about natural life style 對你的健康和生命的有機療法。關于自然生活方式的自然小貼士

Red Mustang

Atavi.com 只選擇最熱門的主題.. Тема оформления: "Красный Мустанг" ...


Advanced Support Ticket Notifications 高級支持票證通知.. Advanced browser notifications for the Zendesk client....

Request Maker

Log, edit and send HTTP requests 記錄、編輯和發送HTTP請求.. Version adds proper browser action support s...

Tab Duplicator Shortcut

An extension to do some things with keyboard shortcuts 使用鍵盤快捷鍵執行某些操作的擴展.. This lightweight extension wi...

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