JSTorrent Helper extension

Used alongside the JSTorrent BitTorrent Chrome app, adds extra functionality 與JSTorrent BitTorrent Chrome應用一起使用,增加了額外的功能


Pomodoro番茄法則時間管理助理,提供了兩種模式,一種傳統的番茄模式,一種其它模式。.. 簡介:Pomodoro番茄法則時間管理助理,提供了兩種模式,一種傳統的番茄模式,一種其它模式。 功能說明:Pom...

CrossBrowserTesting Local Connection

CrossBrowserTesting Local Connection lets you test behind your firewall in 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers. CrossBrowserTesting本地連接允許您在1500多個真正的桌面和移動瀏覽器中在防火墻后進行測試。

HashTest – Realtime Hashtag Testing

Find the best hashtags while you type, with real time color-based quality scores. 在你打字的時候找到的標簽,實時的基于顏色的質量分數。

Hayabusa Pink

Hayabusa Pink Theme For Chrome - This Theme Is Free To Download & Comes With Free Lifetime Updates... •CHROME THEMES ->-… Hayabusa粉色Chrome主題-此主題可免費下載,并提供免費終身更新。。。•CHROME主題->-…

GitHub Comment Editor

Add editor buttons to every text comment area on GitHub. 向GitHub上的每個文本注釋區域添加編輯器按鈕。

SuperOffice Gmail Link

Archive incoming and outgoing emails and manage contacts directly from your Gmail inbox into SuperOffice CRM! 將收到和發出的電子郵件存檔,并將聯系人直接從您的Gmail收件箱管理到SuperOffice CRM!

James – Analytic/SEO Auditor

Debug web analytics tags, dataLayer, on-click events and SEO data. Supports Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics and more 調試網頁分析標簽,數據層,點擊事件和搜索引擎優化數據。支持Google Analytics、SiteCatalyst、Coremetrics等

Python Fiddle

A Python IDE that runs in your browser 在瀏覽器中運行的Python IDE.. • Run Python code from any browser • Import...

Internalize for Google Analytics

Tag your visit to a Universal Analytics enabled site as internal traffic. 將您對支持通用分析的網站的訪問標記為內部流量。


All-in-one tool for sharing your screen and taking screenshots 一個共享屏幕和截圖的多功能工具.. ALL-IN-ONE TOOL Share ...

Guzinta Math: Equations and Inequalities

Math lesson for 6th grade teaching equations and inequalities. Worked examples, guided practice, and instructor notes. 六年級數學課講授方程式和不等式。工作實例、指導性練習和講師筆記。


Prevents Duplicate Tabs, while also refreshing the current tab. To be used along side of OpenInBrowser plugin for Sublime Text 防止重復選項卡,同時刷新當前選項卡。與OpenInBrowser插件一起用于升華文本


LogMote provides a way to manage web site login/passwords stored on your smartphone when surfing the internet with your computer. LogMote提供了一種在使用計算機上網時管理存儲在智能手機上的網站登錄/密碼的方法。


Highlighter for pocket 口袋熒光筆.. A highlight pen for Pocket! Features: - Highlight anything from any a...

Polarity Weather

Polarity Weather is a simple application that displays weather conditions in your current or specified location. 極性天氣是一個簡單的應用程序,可以顯示當前或指定位置的天氣狀況。

Horsepowered Chrome

Yeeeeah! Enough said. 是的!說得夠多了。.. " YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!" ...

Calendar Tools

Lets you to filter, search, export agenda reports to pdf, xlsx, bulk delete different events of your Google calendar. Trial… 允許您篩選、搜索、將議程報告導出為pdf、xlsx、批量刪除Google日歷的不同事件。審判…

Merch Informer Book Hunter

Merch Informer Book Hunter 美世線人尋書人.. When it comes to Merch by Amazon research, there is only one logic...


Block distracting websites and get inspired to focus on what's important 屏蔽分散注意力的網站,并獲得靈感專注于重要的事情

Inline PGP

Automatically detects and decrypts PGP messages on a web page 自動檢測和解密網頁上的PGP消息.. Adds ad-hoc end-to-end...


Extension Interact For Chrome Browser Chrome瀏覽器的擴展交互.. Interact 4 Chrome is an “APP” dedicate to the me...

Metro Start

A new tab page for Google Chrome inspired by Zune 基于Zune的Google Chrome新標簽頁.. A new tab page for the mod...

Batman Beyond

RES 1366x768 but should be good for all sizes. RES 1366x768库博体育官网登录,但適用于所有尺寸。.. Batman Beyond - 1366x768 Versio...

Search for YouTube Player

Add search function to the YouTube video player for videos with closed captions. 在YouTube視頻播放器中添加搜索功能库博体育官网登录,查找帶有隱藏字幕的視頻。

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