Auto Tab Mute

Automatically mutes background tabs 自動禁用背景選項卡.. Extension to automatically mute background tabs if the ...

Tab Keeper

This extension helps to quickly save open tabs and return to them later. 此擴展有助于快速保存打開的選項卡并在以后返回它們。

Task Timeline

Organizing the day to day task activity and Manage your time. 組織日常任務活動并管理時間。.. Organizing your task day...

Notes de Frais – Clic&Tag

Accessible n'importe où, n'importe quand et depuis n'importe quel support ! 無論何時何地,無論何地库博体育官网登录,無論何時何地

Gmail Notes by cloudHQ

Add annotations on your emails to remember something, or to coach how to craft a good email. 在你的電子郵件中添加注釋以記住一些東西,或者指導如何制作一封好的電子郵件。

家長控制 – 成人網站阻止

阻止色情網站,保護您的孩子免受成人網站的侵害 反色情附加組件。 限制對成人內容的訪問。.. 阻止色情網站,保護您的孩子免受成人網站的侵害反色情插件。限制對成人內容的訪問。 您有沒有想過如何阻止計算機上的色情...

New Tab? Flag!

Learn the flags of the world without even trying! 不用嘗試就可以學習世界的旗幟!.. Love flags? Me too! This is a Chrom...

Envelope Maker

Make an addressed envelope PDF document that can be easily printed. 制作一個可輕松打印的帶地址的信封PDF文檔。

East Control

An extension that allows easy control of various media streaming websites. 一種擴展,允許輕松控制各種媒體流網站。

Text Field

Provides a simple text field on click. 單擊時提供一個簡單的文本字段。.. This extension provides a simple text field wh...


Allows cutting out a page as an image (with an image map) and uploading it. 允許將頁面剪切為圖像(帶有圖像地圖)并將其上載。


FlashTabs is a tool that enables you to set a deck of flash cards, and process through them at every new tab screen. FlashTabs是一個工具库博体育官网登录,它允許您設置一組閃存卡,并在每個新的選項卡屏幕上處理它們。

Turbo Download Manager Helper

browser integration for turbo download manager turbo下載管理器瀏覽器集成.. This is a helper extension for "Turbo ...

Ski Goggles

Inspect Web Analytic requests including Snowplow, Adobe Analytics, and more 檢查Web分析請求,包括Snowprover、Adobe Analytics等

Threat Analytics Search

Use the right-click menu in Chrome to conduct single or group searches for selected text. 使用Chrome中的右擊菜單對所選文本進行單次或組搜索。

My Agassiz Christian

The official school app for students and parents at BC Agassiz Christian School. BC Agassiz基督教學校學生和家長的官方學校應用程序。

Imgur to Gfycat

Replaces animated gifs throughout the internet with gfycat optimized HTML5 videos. 用gfycat優化的HTML5視頻取代了互聯網上的動畫gif。

Buoy Up

Do good while you read the news. 你看新聞的時候要好好表現。.. News sucks these days. Our Buoy Up extension gives you...

Thor Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab

Replace new tab with Thor themed page, featuring Gmail unread count, sticky note, to-do, reminder & Marvel Thor hd wallpapers. 將新標簽替換為以Thor為主題的頁面,包括Gmail未讀計數、便條、待辦事項、提醒和Marvel Thor hd壁紙。

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche theme 科羅拉多雪崩主題.. Colorado Avalanche theme ...

Anna Frozen Manicure

In order to play Anna Frozen Manicure game online. 為了在網上玩安娜凍指甲游戲。.. In order to play Anna Frozen Manicu...

Kindle Highlights copy-helper

Helps selecting and copying your kindle highlights from website 幫助您從網站選擇和復制kindle亮點

Utility Engine for Web Apps

This extension is a utility for web apps. It allows you to download the file without size limt on the web app. 此擴展是用于web應用程序的實用程序。它允許您在web應用程序上下載不帶大小限制的文件。

Search N Safe

Perform online searches that filter adult-related content.This extension makes Yahoo! your default search engine 執行過濾成人相關內容的在線搜索。此擴展使雅虎!默認搜索引擎

Plain Blue Theme

A subtle light blue colored theme. If you easily get distracted by bright colors, this might just be the theme for you! 微妙的淺藍色主題。如果你很容易被鮮艷的顏色分散注意力库博体育官网登录,這可能只是你的主題!

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