Twitter Relationships

Updates twitter to both see and search your past tweets with another account. 更新twitter,使用另一個帳戶查看和搜索您過去的tweets。


作為chrome瀏覽器頁面訪問讀卡器硬件的橋梁... 作為chrome瀏覽器頁面訪問華大hd-100讀卡器硬件的橋梁. ...

Agenty – Advanced Web Scraper

An easy, powerful web scraping app by Agenty for screen scraping using CSS selectors and to create web scraping agent for 一個由Agenty開發的簡單、強大的web抓取應用程序,用于使用CSS選擇器進行屏幕抓取并為Agenty.com創建web抓取代理

Tatkal Made easy – IRCTC Auto fill

Automate your irctc tatkal ticket booking with Every second is precious during tatkal hours. 使用tatkalmadeeasy.com自動完成irctc tatkal機票預訂。每一秒都是珍貴的。

Hitbox Now!

Stay up to date with your hitbox followed streams. 與您的hitbox保持最新的跟蹤流。.. Hitbox Now! tracks your favouri...


Stay focused with Focuser - Hide distracting links and GIF images with one click. 使用Focuser保持專注-單擊一次即可隱藏分散注意力的鏈接和GIF圖像。


Adds a mouse position tooltip, with its x and y coordinates. Also measures areas of regions. 添加鼠標位置工具提示及其x和y坐標。也測量區域的面積。

SignalHire – find email or phone number

SignalHire is a great way to find contact information in a couple of clicks. SignalHire是一個很好的方法库博体育官网登录库博体育官网登录库博体育官网登录,可以在幾次點擊中找到聯系信息。

Extract to React

Chrome/Chromium extension that allows easy HTML to React conversion. Chrome/Chrome擴展,允許簡單的HTML進行反應轉換。

Add “Mark All Read” button to GMail

Allows you to mark all messages as read with one click. 允許您單擊一次將所有郵件標記為已讀。.. Allows you to mark all mes...

Copy Host

This extension allows you to copy hostname of the current tab to your clipboard. 此擴展允許您將當前選項卡的主機名復制到剪貼板。

Google Analytics Opt-out

Prevents the Analytics's JavaScript engine from sending information to Google Analytics 阻止分析的JavaScript引擎向Google分析發送信息

Expat Home

A home for Expat Society members - inside Google Chrome. 一個僑民社會成員的家-在谷歌瀏覽器內。.. Hey, Expats. We know you...

Advanced Drive Search

Advanced search for Google Drive. 谷歌驅動器的高級搜索。.. Advanced search for Google Drive. You can filter files ...


Convert any website or web application to a native Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome application, and/or Chrome extension. 將任何網站或web應用程序轉換為本機Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome應用程序和/或Chrome擴展。

Extereo Audio Player

An audio streaming extension that seeks for links to music and recordings on the sites you visit. 一個音頻流擴展,尋找到你訪問的網站上的音樂和錄音的鏈接。

Sega Genesis Emulator

The best of Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) online: famous games and the best undiscovered gems for true gamers 世嘉創世紀(Mega Drive)最佳在線游戲:為真正的玩家提供的著名游戲和最佳未發現的寶石

極簡 Json 格式化

一個非常簡單的 Chrome 插件,用于將 JSON 接口返回值格式化成可讀方式,并且可以點擊圖標關閉插件,保證最低資源占用。.. Simple chrome plugin to format JSON r...

Word Connect

Word Connect is a game of connecting words. Think of it as a cross between Boggle and Bejeweled. 單詞連接是一個連接單詞的游戲。把它想象成一個介于困惑和被珍視之間的十字架。


A habit tracker that sits inside your browser. 一個習慣追蹤器,放在你的瀏覽器里。.. Hapit is a habit tracker which helps...

ElasticSearch Head

ElasticSearch Head 彈性搜索頭.. Chrome Extension containing the excellent ElasticSearch Head application. ...

Quran Daily by

Inspirational quotes from The Holy Quran in every new tab 每一個新標簽上都有來自《古蘭經》的勵志語錄.. In this plugin, we ar...

HowNow Screen Sharing

HowNow 你好.. This Chrome extension allows users to share their screen in a HowNow video class ...

Uniqkey – Password Manager

Uniqkey is a secure password manager for all of your devices. Uniqkey是所有設備的安全密碼管理器。

Dynamic Bookmarks

Chrome extension which dynamically updates bookmarks based on the specified regular expression. Chrome擴展,根據指定的正則表達式動態更新書簽。

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