Siemens – Circuit by Unify

This extension allows Circuit web client users to share their screen 此擴展允許Circuit web客戶端用戶共享其屏幕

Texas Tech University New Tab

A better new tab experience with Texas Tech University 在德州理工大學有更好的新體驗.. The OFFICIAL Texas Tech Red Rai...

Github Travis Stat

Display travis-ci build status and time chart, with status icon next to the project name on github. 在github上顯示travis ci構建狀態和時間圖表,狀態圖標位于項目名稱旁邊。

University of Arizona New Tab

A better new tab experience with University of Arizona 亞利桑那大學更好的新體驗.. Please Rate Us! If you feel we d...

Quiet Password

This extension covers password fields so nosy folks can't see how many characters are typed in. 這個擴展覆蓋了密碼字段,所以愛管閑事的人看不到輸入了多少字符。

VIEW LATER – 保存在堆棧中的鏈接

這個擴展可以節省頁面后查看.. With View Later you can very quickly save pages and links via context menu and later vi...

Seattle Seahawks Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab

Replace new tab with Seattle Seahawks custom page, featuring notes, to-do list, Gmail unread count & Seattle Seahawks hd wallpapers. 將新標簽替換為西雅圖海鷹定制頁面,包括筆記、待辦事項列表、Gmail未讀計數和西雅圖海鷹高清壁紙。

Calendar + for Google Chrome™

Add clickable urls to Google Calendar Detail 將可單擊的URL添加到Google日歷詳細信息中.. Calendar Plus This extension ex...

DSS Satellite Phone

The DSS Satellite Phone for Urban Dead 城市死者DSS衛星電話.. The DSS Satellite Phone is an extension to the onl...

Search Plus

The Search Plus can find the tabs you're looking for from all opened tabs. Search Plus可以從所有打開的選項卡中找到您要查找的選項卡。

SearchLock India

Keep your search history private with SearchLock: the anonymous, encrypted search engine and privacy tool. 使用SearchLock(匿名、加密的搜索引擎和隱私工具)將您的搜索歷史記錄保持為私有。

Spin Blade

Spin Blade made by Chotkos Chotkos制造的旋轉刀片.. Spin Blade is an Arcade game based on spinning blades fight...


Browser extension for tachyons-debug 用于快速子調試的瀏覽器擴展.. BETA Toggle a background grid on any webpage whic...

Start page Customizer

Customize your Start Page as you wish. 根據需要自定義起始頁。.. You can create any Start page you want or use alre...

Wikipedia Link Expander

Changes the title text for wikipedia links to be the first paragraph of that page 將維基百科鏈接的標題文本更改為該頁的第一段

Hash Tab

Hash Tab 哈希選項卡.. Hash brings you the stories people are talking about. Aggregating popular tweets about...

Reverse Youtube Playlist

Ajoute un boutton sur Youtube pour inverser l'ordre des playlists. 在YouTube上添加一個按鈕以逆轉Playlists的順序。

Save CSS

Save your CSS and JS modifications in Devtools automatically to local disk. 在Devtools中自動將CSS和JS修改保存到本地磁盤。

Leonbets proxy servers

Proxy servers which allow to access to 代理服務器允許進入列昂貝茨.. ...

Chat++ for Chatwork

An all-in-one Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit which provides many useful features! 一個一體化的聊天室增強工具包,提供了許多有用的功能!

Signed Pages

Verifies PGP signed pages for extra security against malicious or breached servers. 驗證PGP簽名頁是否具有針對惡意服務器或被破壞服務器的額外安全性。

ReadySteadyFly Travel

讓自己沉浸于下一個旅游目的地的美圖中吧。.. 讓自己沉浸于下一個旅游目的地的美圖中吧。還不太確定接下來要去哪兒?搜索令人神往的好地方并簡單安排您的下一個旅程,因為您值得擁有。完全免費。為您的下一次度假游呈現...

Cyclonis Password Manager

This is browser extensions for Cyclonis Password Manager application 這是Cyclonis密碼管理器應用程序的瀏覽器擴展


Easily analyze the performance of any investment. 輕松分析任何投資的表現。.. uInvest provides the capacity to easil...

Esc 4 Home

At the end of a work day, with plans for the evening, your boss requires you to do overtime! Escape for home! 一天工作結束,晚上有安排,老板要求你加班!逃回家去!

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