KOLLEKT.FM Extension

Favorite and add tracks to playlists from external websites 從外部網站收藏曲目并將其添加到播放列表.. Easily collect Youtub...

League Of Legends Snow Nidalee

zigrass here bringing you another cool lol champ theme enjoy it! The credits going to Riot Games who made the pictures who is used… zigrass為您帶來另一個酷炫的lol champ主題享受吧!制作圖片的暴動游戲的功勞…


聚凱優寶:在線版阿里國際站的數據魔方!.. 聚凱優寶谷歌插件版本 ...


Shows Schema 顯示架構.. SchemaDump is a dev tools extension that attempts to parse and read any microdata o...


Make requests to domains without having to worry about CORS. 向域發出請求而不必擔心CORS。.. This plugin aims to eas...

Mini Radio Player

Mini Radio Player brings to you the World of Radio that you'll enjoy wherever you are. 迷你收音機播放器帶給你收音機的世界,無論你在哪里你都會喜歡。

Warpwire Screen Capture

This screen capturing extension allows for the capture of screen or application window data into Warpwire. 這個屏幕捕獲擴展允許將屏幕或應用程序窗口數據捕獲到Warpwire中。

Advanced Periodic Table

A comprehensive Periodic Table - a must for any science student. 一個全面的周期表-任何理科學生都必須。

Command Crisis: Endgame

TAKE COMMAND AND LEAD AN EMPIRE Grow your own empire and lead an armada in PvP action. Form or join an alliance and participate… 指揮并領導一個帝國發展你自己的帝國,領導一個無敵艦隊的PvP行動。組成或加入聯盟并參與…

Celebrate Pride EVERYWHERE

Rainbow filters over EVERYTHING. 彩虹過濾了一切。.. The Facebook “Celebrate Pride” profile picture filters are ...

Wiktionary Search

This extension allows you to perform a quick search on the Wiktionary. 此擴展允許您對向導執行快速搜索。

My Rich Presence

Display what you are currently watching, directly in discord. 直接在不和諧中顯示您當前正在觀看的內容。

FlipShope- Flash sale autobuy

Automatically find and apply coupon codes in one click, Get features like Auto buy, Price Graph, Compare and much more 自動查找和應用優惠券代碼在一次點擊,獲得像汽車購買,價格圖,比較等功能

Bookmarks Table

View your Chrome bookmarks by date in a sortable searchable table 在可排序的可搜索表中按日期查看Chrome書簽

Screen Addict

With Screen Addict you can keep up to date with the latest movie trailers from your New Tab page! 有了屏幕上癮,你可以隨時從你的新標簽頁最新的電影預告片!

Tab Freezer

Activate Tab Freezer to automatically close popups and advertising tabs which get past ad-blockers 激活標簽凍結器库博体育官网登录,自動關閉彈出窗口和廣告標簽,以通過廣告阻止程序

GoodData Extension Tool

Makes your life easier when developing in GoodData Cloud BI platform 在GoodData Cloud BI平臺上開發,讓您的生活更輕松


Beautiful daily wallpapers for your new tabs. 為您的新標簽美麗的日常壁紙。.. Turn your new tab page into a beautiful,...

Violin Tuner

Tune the Violin by Ear! 用耳朵調小提琴!.. See if you can tune the violin by ear! Play a string and listen to ...

Count Links

Display the count of the number of links on the page being viewed 顯示正在查看的頁面上的鏈接數

Twitter™ 自動刷新

自動刷新库博体育官网登录,獲取最新的Tweets.. Auto Refresh Tweets: Only refresh tweets instead of the whole page, only refresh twe...

Quick Search for YouTube™

Quick search selected text on Youtube or quick launch www.youtube.com 在Youtube上快速搜索選定文本或在www.Youtube.com上快速啟動


記事本-在線上。 擴展用于鍍鉻與同步的特征。 打開編輯和保存的數據在任何一臺計算機。.. 這是一個簡單的記事本-在線上。 你可以保存任何文在線和訪問的任何地方。 記事本用自動保存和同步。 創建任何數量的新的...

Toolbar Controls for YouTube Music

Control YouTube Music player from your browser toolbar area 從瀏覽器工具欄區域控制YouTube音樂播放器

Ginger BOOM

Have GingerGM shout "BOOOOM" at your own games 在你自己的游戲中讓金格姆喊“噓”.. Sometimes it's not enough to spot the...

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