Web Media Center

A set of free web applications for playing, processing, editing and creation of multimedia content. 一套免費的網絡應用程序,用于播放、處理、編輯和創建多媒體內容。

LeaseHawk CRM

LeaseHawk CRM - Desktop Version LeaseHawk CRM-桌面版.. *Available exclusively to LeaseHawk customers in th...


This extension shows a notifications for latest new/top stories from Hackernews. 此擴展顯示來自Hackernews的最新新/熱門新聞的通知。

History Trends Unlimited

Search and analyze your unlimited history. 搜索并分析你的無限歷史。.. History Trends Unlimited regularly syncs your...

Girl’s Day Daily

Girl's Day Daily is a site dedicated to promoting and supporting Girl's Day, updated around the clock for fans across the world 女孩節日報是一個致力于推廣和支持女孩節的網站,為全世界的歌迷們24小時更新

Fast Block Ads – BA.net

Fast Block Ads - BA.net 快速塊廣告-BA.net.. Fast Block Ads - BA.net The Chrome Extension will block over 5...

Selection Search

Search for the selected text in search engines 在搜索引擎中搜索選定的文本.. With this extension you can easily searc...

Notificateur SensCritique

Affiche le nombre de notifications SensCritique non lus. 顯示未讀的重要感官通知的數目。.. Journal des modifications : ...


A Chrome extension to synchronize cookies. 同步cookies的Chrome擴展。.. How to use: https://github.com/Andiedi...

Yesware – Easiest to Use Sales Software

Win more business with the easiest to use sales software. Everything you need to prospect, schedule meetings, and follow up. 用最容易使用的銷售軟件贏得更多業務。你需要的一切展望,安排會議,并跟進。

Get Something Done

To Do List for indecisive 優柔寡斷的待辦事項.. It is kind of anti-procrastination pill. Problem: You don't know...


Cato - a command launcher for your web browser. Cato-一個用于web瀏覽器的命令啟動程序。.. Cato is command launcher that...


Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is famous all over the world. The colorful dresses and elaborate ornaments of the participants are a… 里約熱內盧狂歡節聞名于世。參賽者的五顏六色的服裝和精心制作的裝飾品是…

Chandlery for Fallen London

Unofficial Fallen London extension to keep an eye on your action candle and Opportunities deck 非官方的倫敦墮落擴展,以保持您的行動蠟燭和機會甲板的眼睛

INNITEL Click2Call

INNITEL Click2Call INNITEL Click2呼叫.. Innitel's Click2Call and Pop-UP extension allows you to click any...


CPDD-Vintage, Another great minimalistic theme with a vintage floral twist. For more services CP Digital Darkroom provides (Logo… CPDD復古库博体育官网登录,另一個偉大的簡約主題復古花卉扭曲。為更多的服務CP數字暗室提供(標志…

Remote Script Loader

Chrome Extension to Run Remote JS Scripts for specific websites. 為特定網站運行遠程JS腳本的Chrome擴展。

Unimelb Timetable to iCal

Converts the Unimelb timetable page into an iCal file 將Unimelb時間表頁轉換為iCal文件.. [Update - August 2019] v1...

JavaScript Injector

JavaScript Injector extension allows you to inject any custom remote script to webpage. Facilities: Inject javascript in body or… JavaScript注入器擴展允許您將任何自定義遠程腳本注入網頁。工具:在正文中插入javascript或…


Helps you stay focused on the web by blocking unnecessary destractions 通過阻止不必要的破壞行為,幫助您集中精力于網絡

Save Webpages Offline As MHTML

Save offline copy of current tab as MHTML file. Keyboard Command Alt+S. 將當前選項卡的脫機副本另存為MHTML文件。鍵盤命令Alt+S。


Create an intranet with drag & drop to better work together with colleagues and clients. 使用拖放功能創建一個intranet,以便更好地與同事和客戶協作。

Global Twitch Emotes

Twitch culture wherever you go! This extension replaces all Twitch.tv emote phrases with their actual emoticons. 無論你走到哪里,文化都會抽搐!此擴展將所有Twitch.tv表情短語替換為它們的實際表情。

Old Fashion Fiber [FVD]

Old Fashion Fiber Theme Theme for Google Chrome and FVD Speed Dial with 3D new tab page [FVD] 谷歌Chrome的舊時尚纖維主題和帶有3D新標簽頁的FVD快速撥號

Radio CE-7

Extension for listening to radio stations 收聽廣播電臺分機.. There are 28 radio stations for any taste from cla...

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