Pink Lake

Beautiful Lake Vistage Resolution: 1280x800 美麗湖景分辨率:1280x800.. Beautiful Lake Vistage Resolution: 128...

free smileys & emoticons

More than 1000 emojis to use on facebook, twitter, youtube and more!! 1000多個表情符號可用于facebook、twitter、youtube等網站!!

BlueJeans for Google Calendar

Schedule BlueJeans video meetings directly from Google Calendar 直接從Google日歷安排BlueJeans視頻會議

clear Cache,clean cache, 清理緩存

一鍵清理瀏覽器緩存,clear Cache方便快速簡潔.. 一鍵清理瀏覽器緩存,clear Cache方便快速簡潔,開發者的好幫手。 新版優化對瀏覽器的資源的消耗库博体育官网登录,將插件減少到23kb。...

Continuous Pandora Radio

Removes the Pandora are you still there message so your music remains uninterrupted 移除潘多拉,你還在那里嗎,這樣你的音樂就不會中斷

XKCD Substitutions Part II

Substitutes words and phrases for 'more interesting' news reading as suggested by the latest XKCD comic!… 根據最新XKCD漫畫的建議,用單詞和短語代替“更有趣”的新聞閱讀!…


Improvements for GameFAQs 游戲常見問題的改進.. xFAQs, for Chrome, the Helly edition* *helly edition is in name ...

Past Midnight

For those late nights when all but the darkest things are far too bright. 因為那些深夜,除了最黑暗的東西库博体育官网登录,一切都太亮了。

Enable Copy

Allow selecting, copying, pasting and right clicking in some restricted pages. 允許在某些受限頁面中選擇、復制、粘貼和右鍵單擊。

Skip ads

Automatically skips the ads on links immediately. 立即自動跳過鏈接上的廣告。


Adds Picture in Picture functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Twitch, and more! 向YouTube、Netflix、Amazon Video、Twitch等添加圖片中的圖片功能!


Identify the fonts and typefaces in a web page. 識別網頁中的字體和字體。.. A simple extension that displays all of ...


QR碼發生器。 快速生成QR碼! 轉換URL鏈接或文本并下載QR圖像。.. 一秒鐘內生成QR碼! 通過此擴展程序,您可以從瀏覽器的URL自動創建QR碼,還可以編寫自己的文本,聯系人電子郵件,電話號碼,SM...


Front web framework search engine 前端web框架搜索引擎.. Aweb is developed to make esay to find the front-end fr...

Sport Lisboa e Benfica Tab

開始與你一定會喜歡真棒圖像每一個新的標簽!.. Awesome high quality Sport Lisboa e Benfica images in each new tab. For real fa...

Xamun: Professional Services Automation

Service ERP solutions to manage your project tasks, support tickets, accounts, sales pipeline, invoices, time offs, and teams 服務ERP解決方案,以管理項目任務、支持票證、帳戶、銷售管道、發票、休假和團隊

GitHub Story Points

Chrome extension to see story points in GitHub projects 在GitHub項目中查看故事點的Chrome擴展

Secure Send Mail

Send secure, encrypted messages or raw HTML messages through Gmail directly. 直接通過Gmail發送安全的加密消息或原始HTML消息。

Web Injector

Inject JavaScript code into every page (e.g. to help with debugging). For example, make your own wrapper for console logging. 將JavaScript代碼注入每個頁面(例如,幫助調試)。例如,為控制臺日志創建自己的包裝器。


把 Anyway.FM 節目中的參考鏈接推薦(和一些玩笑)顯示在 Chrome 新建 Tab 上,同時推送新番的提醒.. 也許你是 Anyway.FM 的新聽眾,也許你本周剛剛了解 JJ Ying 和 Le...

Rap/Hip-Hop Browser Enhacement Pack

If you like Rick Ross or Santa Claus, this extension will improve your browsing experience. 如果你喜歡Rick Ross或圣誕老人,這個擴展將改善你的瀏覽體驗。


A simple and minimal extension that enables you to edit the source code of any website and save it. 一個簡單和最小的擴展,使您能夠編輯任何網站的源代碼并保存它。


計算身體質量指數(Body Mass Index),獲得有關健康身體的重要信息.. 計算身體質量指數(Body Mass Index),獲得有關健康身體的重要信息...

PR Monitor

Get notified when you receive a pull request on GitHub. 當您在GitHub上收到請求時得到通知。.. See

Britannica School Insights

Enhance your search experience and your knowledge with Britannica content in the top-right corner of your search results page. 通過搜索結果頁面右上角的大英百科全書內容增強您的搜索體驗和知識。

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