Sands Hero!

Sands Hero! Free popup game. 金沙英雄!免費彈出游戲。.. Sands Hero. Bridge Hero. Free Popup Game. Heroic Bridge. ...

Right Click Tab Navigation

Adds useful tab navigation options to the right click context menu 在右鍵單擊上下文菜單中添加有用的選項卡導航選項

GTM Copy Paste

Copy your Tags, Triggers and Variables and Paste them into any other account 復制您的標記、觸發器和變量并將它們粘貼到任何其他帳戶


This is a simple extension that notifies you when a channel goes live. The dimandclubonair chrome icon shows how… 這是一個簡單的擴展,當diamondclub.tv頻道上線時會通知您。dimandclubonair鉻合金圖標顯示了…

Asana Navigator

Go back from inbox, show projects on top, go to sibling subtasks, search in context, replace text, convert to subtask or section. 從收件箱返回,在頂部顯示項目,轉到同級子任務,在上下文中搜索,替換文本,轉換為子任務或節。


最快的 iOS 限免降價資訊.. 最快的 iOS 限免降價資訊 特性 * 每日限免和降價應用 * 按應用價格库博体育官网登录库博体育官网登录,設備類型篩選 * 新降價提醒 ...

Essay Writing Services by Essay Tigers

The best writers and the best quality! 100% non-plagiarized essays, free quote requests and awesome discounts. 的作家和的品質!100%不抄襲的論文,免費報價要求和驚人的折扣。

Secure Bookmarks

Adds a password-protected bookmark list 添加受密碼保護的書簽列表.. Secure Bookmarks adds a password-protected bookm...


Cite websites instantly and accurately. The best automatic website citer ever. 立即準確地引用網站。有史以來的自動網站citer。

Google Voice Paginated Texts

Adds load last 5 link to texts. 向文本添加加載最后5個鏈接。.. Read more than 2 texts at once by automatically loadin...


This extension restyles/simplifies the interface of Feedly and add the shift+B shortcut to open an rss item an a new background tab 這個擴展重新設計/簡化了Feedly的界面,并添加了shift+B快捷方式來打開一個rss項目一個新的背景選項卡

Useful New Tab Page

A useful new tab replacement. 一個有用的新標簽替換。.. This extension replaces the New Tab page with a more useful...

Privacy Cleaner

Protect Your Personal Information - Get Real time alerts when apps access your information and files 保護您的個人信息-當應用程序訪問您的信息和文件時獲取實時警報

適用于Google Chrome的黑白主題

谷歌Chrome的黑白主題,簡潔,干凈,美麗的黑色,不會傷害你的眼睛。.. It is a abstract of the two solid colors, black and white. Wher...

YoBit Trading Bot

YoBit trading bot 99% accurate that produces more than $1 per hour. YoBit交易機器人99%準確,每小時產生超過1美元。

YouTube™ Playlist Maker

YouTube™ Playlist Maker YouTube™播放列表制作者.. YouTube™ Playlist Maker is a free Google Chrome Apps that all...

Secret numbers

Find the secret numbers (1-9) in the blank cells in order to obtain the given results. New version includes a timer. 查找空白單元格中的秘密數字(1-9),以獲得給定的結果。新版本包括一個計時器。

2048 Puzzle Game Offline

Play 2048 game offline. Best offline enabled 2048 game for chrome. 離線玩2048游戲。最佳離線功能2048年鉻游戲。

Netflix™ Billboard Banner Hider

Hides the large "Billboard" banner at the top of the Netflix™ homepage. 隱藏Netflix™主頁頂部的大型“廣告牌”橫幅。

MadKudu Form

Q: What is MadKudu Form? A: MadKudu Form personalizes your signup forms based on who is signing up. For example, leads who are… Q: 什么是MadKudu形式?A: MadKudu表單根據注冊者個性化您的注冊表單。例如,那些…

PDF Editor Extension – PDFzorro

Open PDF files with Chrome and edit them with PDFzorro Extension 用Chrome打開PDF文件并用PDFzorro擴展名編輯它們

Drive Migrator

Use this app to transfer your Google Drive files / documents from one account to another or to make a copy of a Drive folder.… 使用此應用程序將您的Google驅動器文件/文檔從一個帳戶傳輸到另一個帳戶,或復制驅動器文件夾。…

CRXcavator Admin

CRXcavator Admin helps administrators import their whitelisted extensions from G Suite into CRXcavator. Why a Chrome Extension?… CRXcavator管理員幫助管理員將其白名單擴展從G套件導入CRXcavator。為什么是Chrome擴展?…


You search on Google, we show you related Keywords and results from our search engine on the right side 你在谷歌上搜索,我們會在右邊顯示相關的關鍵字和搜索引擎的結果


This extension will scrape keywords from Pinterest. 此擴展將從Pinterest中刪除關鍵字。.. If you are looking to boost...

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