Torrenter – Torrent Search Engine

Fast torrent search for movie, music, games 電影、音樂、游戲的快速torrent搜索.. Fast torrent search for movies music...


All time zones in one click 一次點擊所有時區.. This extension inspired by It pr...


Extension management is easier with Extensioner. 使用Extensioner可以更輕松地管理擴展。.. v1.2.1 Updated manifest to ...

Managed Accept Languages

Adds languages to the Accept-Language header via a policy. 通過策略向接受語言頭添加語言。.. This extension can be used...

My Pugs – Lovely Puppy & Dog HD Wallpapers

Warning: extremely cute dog! Enjoy adorable pug HD wallpapers with every new tab. 警告:非常可愛的狗!享受可愛的帕格高清壁紙與每一個新的標簽。


把京東库博体育官网登录库博体育官网登录,淘寶,天貓的賣家訂單,讀取到XToolsCRM中。同時讀取訂單明細,客戶信息.. 把京東和淘寶店的賣家訂單库博体育官网登录,讀取到XToolsCRM中。同時讀取訂單明細,客戶信息 ...


Klart is a bookmarking service made for designers. Capture a screenshot and a link to anything online with just a click. Klart是一個專為設計師設計的書簽服務。只需點擊一個屏幕截圖和一個指向任何在線內容的鏈接。


Share content and images from any webpage to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 將任何網頁上的內容和圖片分享到Twitter、Facebook、Instagram和LinkedIn。

YouTube Real Time Playlist

Simply choose your next video to be played and let the RT playlist handle it! 只需選擇您的下一個視頻播放,讓RT播放列表處理它!

Stax | Mturk Autoscraper

An all-in-one autoscraper for Amazon Mturk. 亞馬遜Mturk的一體式自動垃圾車。.. Stax is a second-generation HIT automa...

DAX / iStats log

Logs calls to DAX and iStats 記錄對DAX和iStats的調用.. V. 0.5.2 Works on SSL pages. Better way to enable/disab...

Wyliodrin STUDIO

Wyliodrin STUDIO is an IDE for software and hardware development for IoT systems like the Raspberry Pi, UDOO and Arduino Wyliodrin STUDIO是一個IDE,用于開發諸如覆盆子Pi、UDOO和Arduino等物聯網系統的軟件和硬件

OnlyKey Configuration

OnlyKey is a device taking aim at the password problem. OnlyKey removes the hassle of remembering passwords and serves as a… OnlyKey是一種針對密碼問題的設備。OnlyKey消除了記住密碼的麻煩,并且充當…

Fahm Arabic Pop-up Dictionary

Hover, click or select to translate from Arabic to English 懸停、單擊或選擇可從阿拉伯語翻譯為英語.. Similar to Rikai-chan ...

Load Shedding Schedule

Load shedding schedule as published by Nepal Electricity Authority 尼泊爾電力局發布的減載計劃


SuperSpeedUp is a web browser extension that optimizes your web browser to ensure a better web browsing experience. SuperSpeedUp是一個web瀏覽器擴展,它可以優化您的web瀏覽器,以確保更好的web瀏覽體驗。

Nuke Your Tracks

Selectively delete your history, cookies, browsing data, and more with one click of a button. Cover your tracks and browse in peace 只需單擊一個按鈕,就可以有選擇地刪除您的歷史記錄、cookies、瀏覽數據等。掩蓋你的足跡,在平靜中瀏覽

RaceFlight – Configurator

Crossplatform configuration tool for RaceFlight flight control system 跑道飛行控制系統跨平臺配置工具

Google Photos on map: browse, pin, PDF

Geolocation picture manager of Google Photos on map, save pictures to PDF. Pin and save PDF using map location and geotag 地理位置圖片管理谷歌地圖上的照片,保存圖片到PDF格式。使用地圖位置和地理標記固定并保存PDF


Find essential government forms for taxation, healthcare, travel, immigration, power of attorney and more! 查找稅務、醫療、旅行、移民、授權書等重要的政府表格!


Outline nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Features website filtering and custom CSS outline styles. 概述nofollow鏈接,檢測網頁上的nofollow和noindex元標記。提供網站過濾和自定義CSS大綱樣式。

The Bugs Bunny Show Tab

開始與你一定會喜歡真棒圖像每一個新的標簽!.. Awesome high quality The Bugs Bunny Show images in each new tab. For real fans,...

Chrome Managed Data Cleanup

Clear user data as needed. 根據需要清除用戶數據。.. Chrome Managed Data Cleanup (CMDC) is a Chrome extension which...

My menstrual calendar.

My menstrual calendar is simple and pleasant to use. 我的月經歷簡單又好用。.. My menstrual calendar is simple and ...

1 click amazon books to goodreads

reach amazon books on goodreads with only 1 click! 點擊一次就可以到達亞馬遜的goodreads圖書!.. reach an Amazon book's p...

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