Dagrey is a dark grey Chrome theme by Chris K. Seidel. I'm a big dark mode fan and didn't really find any themes I liked, so I… 達格利是一個深灰色鉻主題克里斯K塞德爾。我是一個大黑暗模式的粉絲,沒有找到任何我喜歡的主題,所以我…


This is the offical Bike MS American Patriots app. On the app you can check on what the team is doing and how much we are raising… 這是美國愛國者女士的官方自行車應用程序。在應用程序上,你可以檢查團隊正在做什么库博体育官网登录,我們正在籌集多少…

Merch Legend

PRO dashboard for legendary Merch by Amazon sellers. 亞馬遜賣家為傳奇美世提供的專業儀表盤。.. MERCH LEGEND Extended dashbo...

Text Mode

Browse the web without distractions via simple text based pages. 通過簡單的基于文本的頁面瀏覽網頁,無需分心。

GitHub EditorConfig

EditorConfig support for GitHub 對GitHub的EditorConfig支持.. This extension provides EditorConfig support f...

Bookmark Manager and Viewer

An elegant bookmark manager with fuzzy search and more 一個優雅的書簽管理器库博体育官网登录,帶有模糊搜索等功能.. Bookmarks Manager and Vie...

GQueues Chrome Extension

Easily create tasks for GQueues - the leading Google-integrated task management system for people and teams. 為GQueues輕松創建任務—這是谷歌為人員和團隊提供的領先的集成任務管理系統。

Stockholm, Sweden

Theme showcasing the beautiful city of Stockholm with Swedish inspired colours. 主題展示美麗的斯德哥爾摩城市與瑞典靈感的顏色。


Search the web using your nucleotide or peptide sequence 使用你的核苷酸或肽序列搜索網頁.. Search the world wide web us...

Cool Metronome

Metronome 節拍器.. Metronomes improve your sense of beat and tempo. This metronome produces steady beat ba...

Surfe.be — the extension with which you earn

Get paid for the time you spend on the Internet! 你花在網上的時間可以得到報酬!.. Have you ever considered how much ti...


You can view a part of website in a WebView tab, which includes all views that you cut from different web pages! 您可以在“網絡視圖”選項卡中查看網站的一部分,其中包括從不同網頁上剪切的所有視圖!

Read Up – look up a book’s reading level

Automatically lookup book reading levels as you browse, making it easy for parents & teachers to find books for young readers 瀏覽時自動查找書籍閱讀級別,使家長和老師更容易找到適合年輕讀者的書籍

Font Awesome Content Viewer

Display Font awesome character list with icon. 顯示字體可怕的字符列表與圖標。.. Font Awesome Content viewer is panel i...

Copylead Social Selling tool

Save leads from Gmail,Twitter to your Google spreadsheet, Salesforce or ioGrow. Easy, fast, time saver. 從Gmail、Twitter到Google電子表格、Salesforce或ioGrow保存線索。簡單,快速,省時。

Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed and Volume

Add audio controls to WhatsApp Web. Listen to those long recordings in no time. 將音頻控件添加到WhatsApp Web。馬上聽那些長錄音。

Flight Fare Compare – Google Flights Tool

Convert Google Flights searches to Momondo, Kayak, or Skyscanner to find cheap flights. 將谷歌航班搜索轉換為Momondo、Kayak或Skyscanner以查找廉價航班。

Kindling for Campfire

Adds useful features to 37signals Campfire. 為37signals Campfire添加有用功能。.. • Desktop notifications for ne...

F*ck you, NSA

This extension adds 'F*ck you, NSA' to all Like-buttons. 這個分機為所有Like按鈕添加了“ck you,NSA”。

Storyboard DevTools

Gives you access to end-to-end stories (logs) for Storyboard-equipped applications 允許您訪問配備故事板的應用程序的端到端故事(日志)

Shorten & Translate by Text United

Extract the key points in any article you read and translate them in an instant! 從你讀過的任何一篇文章中提取關鍵點,并立即翻譯出來!

Simplistic Purple

Simplistic and purple, just what the title suggests. 簡單和紫色,正如標題所暗示的。.. Fan of the color purple? If so,...

Popup Fixer

The most advanced and reliable Free Ad blocker for Chrome. We ensure your peace of mind while browsing Facebook, YouTube and more... 最先進和可靠的免費廣告屏蔽鉻。我們確保您在瀏覽Facebook、YouTube等網站時心安理得。。。

Wave Aero theme

Wave aero theme for Windows 7 with transparency enabled. Minimal light blue and white theme with lovely surf waves. Works with… 啟用透明度的Windows 7的Wave aero主題。最小的淺藍色和白色主題與可愛的海浪。與…

Reddit r/random

The new Reddit layout removed the random subreddit button! This will add it back! 新的Reddit布局刪除了隨機子Reddit按鈕!這會加回來的!

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