Fast Browsing

Fast Browsing 快速瀏覽.. This extension configures your Default Search in Chrome browser to Yahoo to provid...

Transifex Extras

'Share' button on Transifex Transifex上的“共享”按鈕.. Adds the following tools to - Share...

Pony Chrome Mania

Browser Ponies to Google Chrome! 瀏覽器小馬谷歌Chrome!.. Use the Source Browser Ponies in your browser with th...

Tab Hell

Sort of solution of "Tab Hell problem". “標簽地獄問題”的解決方案。.. You have a problem with lots of opened browser...

Classical Music History

Watch a half-hour chronology of western classical music, with excerpts from high quality video recordings of key works. 觀看一個半小時的西方古典音樂年表,從關鍵作品的高質量錄像中摘錄。


GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt, on every new tab! GitHub趨勢,黑客新聞和產品搜索库博体育官网登录,在每個新的標簽!

Free SEO Website Audit Tool

Free SEO Analysis for your website 免費搜索引擎優化分析為您的網站.. Use our simple but comprehensive SEO audit tool to...

async render toolbox

Open source tools to debug your async render apps. Click on the icon to see the lag radar, ⌥+R to show/hide 用于調試異步呈現應用程序的開源工具。點擊圖標查看滯后雷達,⌥+R顯示/隱藏

Princess Cadence

Princess Cadence is an Alicorn, she resides and watchs over the Crystal Empire, she is married to Twilights brother Shining Armor.… 卡登斯公主是一位艾利康公主,她居住并守護著水晶帝國,她嫁給了暮光兄弟閃亮的盔甲。…

Fullscreen Tab Bar

Fullscreen tab bar based on the style of qutebrowser. 基于qutebrowser樣式的全屏選項卡欄。.. An extension to add a t...


Translate your text into different languages simultaneously with the Synchronous Translator. 使用同步翻譯器將文本同時翻譯成不同的語言。

Human Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan has been uninfested and is now in her human state. This theme just has some fan art highlighting the human Sarah… 莎拉·克里根一直沒有感染,現在處于她的人類狀態。這個主題只是一些突出人類莎拉的粉絲藝術…

電影制作 MovieStudio 視頻編輯器

電影制作者在線創建, 編輯和錄制視頻库博体育官网登录, 并添加視頻, 音頻, 圖像和文本.. MovieStudio是制作電影,錄制視頻库博体育官网登录,編輯視頻,使用可導入的其他視頻進行修改的擴展。 MovieStudio還可以將音頻,...


The simplest, fastest and best way to get your IP address and location 獲取IP地址和位置的最簡單、最快和的方法


將圖片鏈接、下載鏈接(http/https/ftp/電驢/磁力鏈協議)添加到百度云網盤離線下載。.. 百度云網盤開啟了離線下載功能。經常用它離線下載喜歡的老資源,然后再下載回本地,速度飛快。用多...

Notes Station 3 Clipper

Use the Notes Station 3 Clipper to save things you see on the web into your Notes Station 3 account. 使用NotesStation3剪輯器將您在web上看到的內容保存到NotesStation3帳戶中。


Sysberto is the New Tech Portal Which Will Provide you Latest Tech Info| Video Review on Various Gadgets & Many More Sysberto是一個新的技術門戶,它將為您提供各種小工具的最新技術信息和視頻評論

Jigsaw Wolf Puzzle

This puzzle contains 50 amazing pictures to puzzle with. ★ Choose between 50 images on board ★ Every day a new puzzle ! ★ Puzzle… 這個拼圖包含50幅令人驚奇的圖片。每天在50張圖片中選擇一個新的拼圖!★拼圖…


Makes pages editable 使頁面可編輯.. Extension that makes pages editable by adding contenteditable attribute t...

Zone PDF: Edit and Convert PDFs

Edit, Convert, Merge, Compress and Split PDF Files in Seconds! 編輯,轉換,合并,壓縮和分割PDF文件在幾秒鐘!

New Tab Page reImagined

New 'New Tab' Page. Weather, News, Search, recently closed tabs and apps in one place. 新建“新建選項卡”頁。天氣,新聞,搜索,最近關閉的標簽和應用程序在一個地方。

Float From Skin

Displays float values for CS GO skins in the Steam Market. You can check statistics about the public server at… 顯示蒸汽市場中CS-GO皮膚的浮動值。你可以在…

Developer’s Theme

A very simple theme to make your incognito window stand out from your normal window. 一個非常簡單的主題,使您的隱名窗口從您的正常窗口脫穎而出。

Unit 45

Unit 45 第45單元.. - Explore and conquer an alien world - Fight monsters - Collect Jewels Play as the ro...

Chrome 遠程桌面

通過互聯網安全訪問其他計算機,或允許其他用戶通過互聯網安全訪問您的計算機。.. Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another c...

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