Convert the table element to spreadsheet 將表格元素轉換為電子表格.. Provide the CSV or XLSX that is converted from ...

Jibble: Time & Attendance Tracker

Jibble in & out to get automated timesheets, activity/project tracking, client billing and powerful reporting for your team 為您的團隊提供自動時間表、活動/項目跟蹤、客戶賬單和強大的報告功能

Color Piano!

Learn Piano like Simon Says! Visualize the color of sound to improve memory recognition. Learn scales, chords, inversions & more! 學西蒙說的鋼琴!可視化聲音的顏色以提高記憶識別能力。學習音階库博体育官网登录,和弦,倒轉等等!

Perfect Pitch Game

Do you have perfect pitch? This is a fun piano game which helps you test and sharpen your absolute pitch or relative pitch. 你有完美的音高嗎?這是一個有趣的鋼琴游戲,幫助你測試和提高你的絕對音高或相對音高。


Bricks 磚.. Old fashioned game where to have to break all the bricks of the screen. (sometimes, also nam...

Stellar (XLM) Price Ticker

Stellar Price Ticker (price taken from ''). Extension shows XLM valued in Bitcoin and USD. 一流的價格標簽(價格取自“”)。分機顯示XLM以比特幣和美元計價。

Update order of pending tab

This is an extension that updates tabs in order when multiple tabs are opened. 這是一個擴展,它在打開多個選項卡時按順序更新選項卡。

TELL.WTF – style your text

Transform and style your text using symbols. 使用符號轉換文本并設置其樣式。.. ➊ (ᴏᴘᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ) Select some text on some pa...

friGate CDN – install page

Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites. 讓我們不間斷地訪問網站。它允許您打開被阻止的站點。

4Chan Super Loader

Load all 4chan images at blazing speeds in threads. 在線程中以極高的速度加載所有4chan圖像。.. This extension efficiently...

Keywords Toaster

Keywords Toaster provides PPC and SEO industries standard keyword tools for daily use. Keywords Toaster為日常使用提供PPC和SEO行業標準的關鍵字工具。

Mobialia Chess 3D

World-Class 3D Chess Game 世界級三維棋局.. The best web app for chess lovers! Play against AI * Selectable ...

Tabs Closer

Cleans up your windows/tabs with 1 click of a mouse button 單擊鼠標一次即可清理窗口/選項卡.. Cleans up your windows/ta...

Extension Manager with Profiles

Manage your addons on multiple profiles from a toolbar panel 從工具欄面板管理多個配置文件上的加載項

Naruto Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab

Naruto New Tab Wallpapers & Games, created specifically for naruto lovers. Replaces your tab with a beautiful naruto new tab. 火影忍者新標簽壁紙和游戲,專為火影忍者愛好者。用漂亮的火影忍者新標簽替換你的標簽。

HubSpot Developer Extension

Must have for HubSpot Developers, adding convenience features to HubSpot 必須為HubSpot開發人員提供,為HubSpot添加便利功能

Angela Dress-Up

Lovely fashion dress-up game for kids. 可愛的時尚裝扮游戲。.. Make a fancy Angela in this cute dress-up game for ...

Car diagnostics with ELM327

Use an ELM327 bluetooth adapter on your chromebook 在chromebook上使用ELM327藍牙適配器.. This application allows ...

Twitch Danmaku

Display Twitch chat messages on streaming player. 在流媒體播放器上顯示抽搐聊天信息。.. Display chat messages as danmaku ...

Carbon Breakout

Carbon Breakout 碳漏焊.. Breakout is the old arcade game in which you knock out bricks with a bat and a ba...

Ounce Gram

Ounce Gram Converter 盎司-克轉換器.. Finally, the fastest way to convert Ounce to Gram and vice versa. ∎ [ ...


Require confirmation when closing a tab or navigating away from a site 關閉選項卡或從站點導航時需要確認

Duplicate Hotkey

Adds hotkey to duplicate a chrome-tab (Ctrl-Shift-S, change it in Keyboard-Shortcuts) 添加熱鍵以復制chrome選項卡(Ctrl-Shift-S,在鍵盤快捷鍵中進行更改)

Red Flag 80 Celebrities

Flags 80 celebrities and agents who've been sued, arrested, charged, or confessed to abusive behaviour 為80名被起訴、逮捕、指控或承認虐待行為的名人和特工懸掛旗幟

videoJunkie Start

videoJunkie Start configures your New Tab in Chrome browser, which will provide quick entertainment access features. videoJunkie Start在Chrome瀏覽器中配置新的選項卡,它將提供快速娛樂訪問功能。

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