An extension that provides additional functionality and visual modes for 為www.messenger.com提供附加功能和視覺模式的擴展。


Chameleon Editor makes it simple to build and manage product experiences on your web app – without code.. Chameleon編輯器使在您的web應用程序上構建和管理產品體驗變得簡單—無需編寫代碼。。

TV Show Tracker

Keep track of your favourite TV shows. 跟蹤你最喜歡的電視節目。.. Do you want a simple way to keep track of all you...

Checkers Classic

Checkers Classic means playing checkers with your friend and enjoying a good game 跳棋經典意味著和你的朋友玩跳棋库博体育官网登录,享受一場精彩的游戲

Keep Private

Keep Private 保密.. Search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiable in...


Using websites with multiple accounts at the same time is made easy. Create an independent tab with a click of a button. 同時使用多個帳戶的網站很容易。通過單擊按鈕創建一個獨立的選項卡。

Blockchain DNS

Resolves domains from blockchain name systems: .bit (Namecoin), .lib .bazar .coin .emc (Emercoin), .bbs and others (OpenNIC). 解析來自區塊鏈名稱系統的域:.bit(name coin)、.lib.bazar.coin.emc(Emercoin)、.bbs和其他(OpenNIC)。


Beautify your new tab screen with Quranic Ayat with the translation, Audio, Prayer timings, Islamic Date and Qaza Prayers manager. 用古蘭經Ayat的翻譯,音頻,祈禱時間,伊斯蘭日期和Qaza祈禱經理美化你的新標簽屏幕。


Simple yet powerful Cookie Editor that allow you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies without leaving your tab. 簡單而強大的Cookie編輯器,允許您快速創建、編輯和刪除Cookie,而不必離開您的選項卡。

Red Driver 3

Drive the fastests cars through rough traffic. 在擁擠的交通中開快車。.. Get ready to beat the other drivers at Red...

feader rss reader

Displays RSS feeds in a small desktop notification styled window, now with Pocket(R) support! 在桌面通知樣式的小窗口中顯示RSS源,現在支持Pocket(R)!


Etools lets you find the contact emails of any website or company in one click. Etools允許您在一次單擊中找到任何網站或公司的聯系人電子郵件。

Spot: Better Find in Page

Helps to find information inside a page 幫助查找頁面內的信息.. Spot finds information inside a page that you were...


BitTorrent client for Chrome that can stream videos while they're being downloaded 用于Chrome的BitTorrent客戶端,可在下載視頻時對其進行流式傳輸 Lookup

Domain data at your fingertips. Provided by Coded by @StayUber. 你指尖上的域數據。由Name.com提供。由@StayUber編碼。

Catch ISIS

Catch and save website uri that support ISIS 捕獲并保存支持ISIS的網站uri.. By using this extension you can save m...

Scrollbar Anywhere

Click and drag anywhere to scroll the page. 單擊并拖動任意位置可滾動頁面。.. This extension makes it possible to to sc...

Cricketism Fantasy League

Cricketism Fantasy League - This extension helps in the calculating points for the Cricket fantasy game played in a facebook group… 板球奇幻聯盟-這個擴展有助于計算在facebook群組中玩的板球奇幻游戲的點數…


Limit the maximum number of open tabs 限制打開選項卡的最大數量.. Automatically limit the number of open tabs. If y...

Change Case

Multiple methods to change text case. 更改文本大小寫的多種方法。.. The set of advanced methods to change case of tex...

Emo-sion [Emoji Extension]

Simple, Lite, one Click Emoji extension. 簡單,精簡,一鍵式表情擴展。.. Ever been on a website, social network or blo...

Anonymous Communication

A secure communication tool and instant messenger to protect your conversations or other private data with. Giving the ability to… 一個安全的通訊工具和即時通訊器,以保護您的對話或其他私人數據。給予能力…

Karoo Route Grab

Karoo Route Grab - send routes to your Hammerhead Karoo from Strava, Ride with GPS, Komoot, etc 卡魯路線抓取-發送路線到您的錘頭卡魯從斯特拉瓦,乘坐GPS库博体育官网登录,科莫特等

Atomic Chrome

Allows to edit textareas and contenteditable elements directly in Atom 允許直接在Atom中編輯textareas和contenteditable元素

Night Messenger

Use at night! A UNOFFICIAL night mode for Facebook's web app. We have no affiliation with Facebook. 晚上使用!Facebook網絡應用程序的非官方夜間模式。我們與Facebook沒有任何關系。

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