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Yeezy Taught Me

Bless yourself with the lyrics of Kanye West before you go off to explore the internet. 在你去探索互聯網之前,請用坎耶·韋斯特的歌詞祝福你自己。


Take notes. Organize. Color code. Carry on. 做筆記。組織起來。顏色代碼。進行。.. When you are surfing the web and want t...


Engage students with fun interactive lessons. 讓學生參與有趣的互動課程。.. Teach your old content new tricks. Just d...

Puts Inbox Reminder on Top

I say, it puts Inbox reminder on top 我說,它把收件箱提醒放在最上面.. Reminders. What are they for? We've forgotten, b...

Clean Up Google Homepage

This extension removes the footer, the About and Store links, and any promotions from the Google homepage. 此擴展將從Google主頁中刪除頁腳、About和Store鏈接以及任何促銷活動。

HTTP Request Blocker

This extension blocks HTTP Request based on configurable URL patterns. 此擴展基于可配置的URL模式阻止HTTP請求。

Sharesight – Stock Manager

Portfolio manager for DIY investors. Track your investments in real-time and run performance and tax reports in one click. DIY投資者投資組合經理。實時跟蹤您的投資,只需單擊一下即可運行性能和稅務報告。

Will Save: Duolingo Powered Site Blocker

Blocks time wasting sites until Duolingo reviews are done. 阻止浪費時間的網站,直到Duolingo審查完成。

Jirasupport Admin Tools for JIRA Cloud

Jirasupport Admin Tools for JIRA Cloud JIRA云的Jirasupport管理工具.. With this JIRA add-on your JIRA Administ...

Button Monitor

Keep a constant eye on the button countdown. 時刻注意按鈕倒計時。.. View button timer at all times, as well as th...

SAS Reading Records

Running records of reading made easy with SAS Reading Records, free from SAS Curriculum Pathways. 閱讀記錄的運行與SAS閱讀記錄很容易,從SAS課程路徑免費。

Crunchyroll: continue watching bar

Removes the advertising from the Crunchyroll website and provides a quick access bar at the top of each page showing any new… 刪除Crunchyroll網站上的廣告,并在每個頁面頂部提供一個快速訪問欄,顯示任何新的…

Open multiple url at one click

Using this you can open multiple url at a single click & It will save all the url in memory even after shutting your computer 使用此功能,您可以在單擊時打開多個url&即使在關閉計算機后库博体育官网登录,它也會將所有url保存在內存中

Gorilla Script- and Style-Loader

Enables you to load Javascript and CSS into websites. 使您能夠將Javascript和CSS加載到網站中。

CUE by

For use by customers - adds a tracking pixel to each of the emails you send. 供EmailSignatures.com客戶使用-為您發送的每封電子郵件添加一個跟蹤像素。

Fallout 4 Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab

Replace new tab with Fallout 4 custom page, featuring sticky notes, to-do list, Gmail unread count & Fallout 4 hd wallpapers. 將新標簽替換為Fallout 4自定義頁面,包括便箋、待辦事項列表、Gmail未讀計數和Fallout 4高清壁紙。

Export your outline

Export WorkFlowy to various formats including RTF and LaTeX. 將WorkFlowy導出為各種格式,包括RTF和LaTeX。

Add links to change languages on Google™

Add links to change language on Google 添加鏈接以更改谷歌上的語言.. In order to add links, specify the languages in ...


微度新標簽頁是一款基于Html5的Chrome瀏覽器擴展應用。它提供了網站快速撥號、擴展應用快捷訪問、網站云添加、數據云備份等功能來增強 Chrome 原生新標簽頁(New Tab)

Unofficial Google Bookmarks

Sync from Google Bookmarks 從谷歌書簽同步.. Synchronise your bookmarks from Google Bookmarks into Chrome. To...

Video Eraser for Youtube

Blocks videos and channels on Youtube. 封鎖Youtube上的視頻和頻道。.. Removes youtube videos from channels of your...


Hunt down your competitors ads by Ecomhunt 通過Ecomhunt搜索競爭對手的廣告.. Hunt down your competitor Facebook adv...

Fruumo – New Tab Page

Fruumo is a super powerful new tab page for chrome.For users of the old version of fruumo, you will be required to update to this… Fruumo是一個超級強大的chrome新標簽頁。對于舊版本Fruumo的用戶,你將需要更新到這個…

MDB, ACCDB Viewer and Reader

This MDB, ACCDB Viewer allows you to view, search through a Access Database file without having Access installed on the machine. 此MDB ACCDB Viewer允許您查看、搜索Access數據庫文件,而無需在計算機上安裝Access。

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