Meet Extension

Mitel Secure Collaboration is the collaboration companion that works the way teams do. Mitel Secure Collaboration是協作伙伴,其工作方式與團隊相同。

微博急簡 WC

Weibo Mini 迷你威博.. 已更新到微博V6! “ 還給你一個干凈的微博! ” -- 微博急簡,針對Sina微博新版網頁再設計! 全新布局,無廣告,頁面干凈、清爽,刷微博更安心... 應該...

Simple Ruler

Measure it! 測量一下!.. This simple and easy to use tool allows you to measure elements on the web page. Cl...

Prospecting Intelligence™

Prospecting Intelligence plugin to capture LinkedIn Data Prospecting Intelligence插件捕獲LinkedIn數據


A simple text-to-speech reader with editing, proofing, speaking dictionary, color changing and word prediction. 一個簡單的文本到語音閱讀器,具有編輯、校對、語音字典、顏色變化和單詞預測功能。


當鼠標停留在密碼框時顯示密碼。.. 你是否曾經因為打錯一個字,而刪除所有密碼重打?這是很令人討厭的。 現在你不必這么做了库博体育官网登录,這個擴充功能會在你鼠標停在密碼框上時,顯示密碼。 此外在選項中,有其它模式可以選擇...

Easy Share

Share the current link on: Twitter, Facebook Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr or Gmail. Just that simple. 在Twitter、Facebook Google+、Pinterest、Linkedin、Tumblr或Gmail上共享當前鏈接。就這么簡單。

Fanatics Search

Search the web using Fanatic Search extension 使用狂熱搜索擴展搜索web.. Fanatic Search by aztec, sets your defaul...

Markdown That

Markdown selected text from context menu or a reddit/quora post 從上下文菜單或reddit/quora帖子中標記所選文本


Allows quick email to action recording in Raiser's Edge NXT 允許在Raiser的Edge NXT中快速電子郵件到動作錄制


Replace any textarea with Ace Editor in Chrome. 在Chrome中用Ace編輯器替換任何文本區域。.. AceArea is a Chrome Extensio...

Github Mark As Done

This extension allows you to collapse comments on PRs 此擴展允許您折疊對PRs的評論.. ...

Essen Auto Highlight

Essen automatically highlights important content in articles. 埃森自動突出文章中的重要內容。.. Essen is for you if you...


highlight all occurrences of a specific phrase on a web page by alt + double clicking a word or alt + selecting a word. 通過alt+雙擊單詞或alt+選擇單詞,突出顯示網頁上出現的所有特定短語。

Chrome Compete

Get a daily email report tracking your competitors' Chrome extensions and apps. 獲取每日電子郵件報告,跟蹤競爭對手的Chrome擴展和應用程序。

Auto Alt Text

Get image captions for all images by right-clicking them 右鍵單擊所有圖像以獲取圖像標題.. Use the power of AI to capti...

Asana Lover

Asana Lover 體位愛好者.. This extension brings a ton of powerful features to Asana. - Brings back the hear...

Gmail Audio Alerts

The missing audio alert for Gmail Gmail丟失的音頻警報.. The Gmail Sound extension allows you to have an audio ...


Casefox is legal billing software, timekeeping, software for lawyers,legal billing,expense tracking, time billing, trust accounting Casefox是法律計費軟件,計時,律師軟件,法律計費,費用跟蹤,時間計費,信托會計

Movies Tab

This extension sets your New Tab to Movies Tab - Your Window To the Movies World. 此擴展將您的新選項卡設置為“電影”選項卡-您的“電影世界”窗口。

Auto fill Upwork Job Applications

Auto Fill Your Upwork Job Applications With One Time Save 自動填補你的工作申請與一次節省.. Using this simple chrome ex...

Slikk SuperSearch!

Supercharge Google and any other site by loading and browsing any search result or link right inside the page! 通過加載和瀏覽頁面內的任何搜索結果或鏈接來增強谷歌和任何其他網站的性能!


屏蔽廣告; 所有圖片以及連接點擊后直接打開, 無需再從草榴的廣告頁面跳轉一次; 可設置黑名單屏蔽指定用戶的帖子和回復。.. 本插件永久免費無廣告。 1.1.7: 增強了廣告屏蔽功能,頁面中的博彩廣告將直接被...

Text Blaze

Create smart text expansions to get more done and streamline your work. Billions of keystrokes saved! 創建智能文本擴展以完成更多工作并簡化您的工作。節省了數十億擊鍵!

Google Slides Auto Resize Speaker Notes

Automatically resize the slide previews when the Speaker Notes window is resized, or drag the sidebar to manually select a size. 調整“揚聲器注釋”窗口的大小時自動調整幻燈片預覽的大小,或拖動側欄手動選擇大小。

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