Drive File Eraser, Removal

This is a data removal tool for Google Drive by overwriting it several times. You can also remove revisions, permissions and more. 這是一個谷歌硬盤的數據刪除工具,可以覆蓋幾次。您還可以刪除修訂、權限等。

Reading Time

Add a reading time indicator to Readability 為可讀性添加讀取時間指示器.. Today's blog posts are too long. See just h...

Angular Inspector

Extends the Developer Tools, with a sidebar that shows scope data for selected element and adds a new panel to show scope elements 擴展開發人員工具,使用側邊欄顯示選定元素的范圍數據库博体育官网登录,并添加新面板以顯示范圍元素

The Passle Button

EMPOWER YOUR EXPERTS. GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 授權你的專家。發展你的事業。.. Passle is a content marketing platform that ...

Right Click Translate

Right Click to translate selected text into a new Tab using Google Translate 右鍵單擊可使用Google translate將選定文本轉換為新選項卡

Notifications for JIRA®

Notifications for JIRA® JIRA通知.. Simple Chrome extension that checks updates in JIRA®. How to use it. ...

Norton Home Page

Safely search the web from your home page on Chrome, with Norton. Stay away from phishing and other risky sites. 在Chrome的主頁上使用Norton安全地搜索網頁。遠離網絡釣魚和其他危險網站。

Web Activity Time Tracker

Track and limit time your activity in the browser every day. 每天在瀏覽器中跟蹤并限制您的活動時間。


This is a Haikyuu! Theme for Google Chrome. 這是海口!谷歌Chrome的主題。.. This is a Haikyuu! Theme for Google Chr...

Magento Debugger

Magento Debugger is a Chrome extension, which allows you to debug Magento store in a siple and fast way. Magento調試器是一個Chrome擴展,它允許您以一種簡單快捷的方式調試Magento存儲。

Chrome Leap Tools

Chrome Leap Tools is a simple, but powerful way to navigate chrome using your Leap Motion Controller. Using the extensions built… Chrome Leap Tools是一種使用Leap Motion控制器導航Chrome的簡單而強大的方法。使用生成的擴展…


Flixtab Movie Center 弗利克斯塔布電影中心。.. With FlixTab Movie Center new tab and search you can keep up to date...

Cadenza – Youtube Pitch Shifter

Pitch shift the audio on Youtube, designed for all music lovers, especially for jazz guitarists. 音高變換Youtube上的音頻,專為所有音樂愛好者設計,尤其是爵士吉他手。

Dec-Bin-Hex Converter

This extension helps in converting between decimal,binary and hexadecimal big numbers 此擴展有助于在十進制、二進制和十六進制大數之間進行轉換

Fast Note

Super fast note storage 超快音符存儲.. A note pad opens faster than any other note extensions. Just write not...

Stark Or Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen called "Daenerys Stormborn and "Mother of Dragons" populary known as "Khaleesi". Khaleesi is a Dothraki title… 丹妮莉絲·坦格利安被稱為“丹妮莉絲·斯托姆伯恩和“龍之母”,通俗地稱為“哈利耶西”。卡萊西是一個多斯拉基的頭銜…

Extra Genres Plus for Netflix

This extension shows hidden and secret categories on the popular streaming service. 此擴展顯示流行流媒體服務上的隱藏和機密類別。

Tree Explorer for Github

Show the file tree for PR's and commits 顯示PR和提交的文件樹.. Improve GitHub tree explorer adding a file tree o...

Escape The Cops

Fun impossible game! Try to get as far as you can!!! 有趣的不可能的游戲!盡量走遠!!!.. Endless, fun, police chase car...

High Resolution Downloader for Instagram

Easily download high resolution copies of any Instagram photo or video. 輕松下載任何Instagram照片或視頻的高分辨率副本。

Reverse Genie – Phone & Email

Need to know who’s calling you from an unfamiliar number? Install ReverseGenie and discover who is contacting you by phone! 需要知道誰從陌生號碼給你打電話嗎?安裝reversegene,并發現誰是通過電話聯系你!


Break those pesky links! 打破那些討厭的聯系!.. Getting an itch for a good game of brick breaker, but don't want ...

Share emails via secure URL link by cloudHQ

Share any email on Skype, Slack, chat, etc. 在Skype上共享任何電子郵件、Slack、聊天等。.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Mixpanel People Export

Export mixpanel people queries to CSV. 將mixpanel人員查詢導出到CSV。.. This extension adds an "Export Group" but...

Ad Close Gold

This extension automatically closes tabs matching certain search patterns 此擴展自動關閉與特定搜索模式匹配的選項卡

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