Социальная CRM Sreda нового поколения. Управлять клиентами просто. 新一代社會CRM Sreda。管理客戶容易。

Cookie Clicker

Clicks cookie in Cookie Clicker when any keys are pressed. 當按下任何鍵時,單擊cookie Clicker中的cookie。

Suiteshare – EasyChat

Start a WhatsApp conversation without adding the user's phone to the phone contacts. 在不將用戶電話添加到電話聯系人的情況下啟動WhatsApp對話。

ScreenShot Manager

Take screenshots and store them in local memory. Download them automatically or at a later date. 截圖并保存在本地內存中。自動或以后下載。


Мгновенный доступ к прогнозу погоды в любом месте планеты 即時訪問地球上任何地方的天氣預報.. Брать зонт, пуховик или па...

Project Tab Manager

Project Tab Manager is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you focus on a single project. Project Tab Manager是Google Chrome的一個擴展,可以幫助您專注于單個項目。

Plagly – Plagiarism Checker Tool

The most accurate plagiarism checker tool for students, teachers, and SEO professionals. 最準確的抄襲檢查工具,學生库博体育官网登录,教師和搜索引擎優化專業人士。

Learn Arabic

This app is designed to teach you and help you learn Arabic for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards… 這個應用程序旨在教你和幫助你學習阿拉伯語免費通過詞匯,短語,語法和抽認卡…

Git Remarks

Add the Remark Information for plug-ins of their own to Github and Gitee 將自己插件的備注信息添加到Github和Gitee中

Better Typography | Smooth Fonts

Enable Kerning & Grayscale Anti-Aliasing for chrome on macOS 在macOS上為chrome啟用緊排和灰度消除混疊

View as PowerShell

View as PowerShell adds a link to C# code snippets on GitHub, StackOverflow, MSDN and PInvoke.NET to convert the code to PowerShell… 查看作為PowerShell添加到GitHub、StackOverflow、MSDN和PInvoke.NET上的C代碼片段的鏈接,以將代碼轉換為PowerShell…

WayBack Chrome

View older versions of the current webpage 查看當前網頁的舊版本.. WayBack Chrome allows you to view older version...

HV Statistics, Tracking, and Analysis Tool

Collects data, analyzes statistics, and enhances the interface of the HentaiVerse 收集數據,分析統計數據,增強HentaiVerse的界面

TV Remote for Philips Smart TV

Full control over your Philips tv from your browser so you can leave that remote on the table 從瀏覽器完全控制飛利浦電視,這樣你就可以把遙控器放在桌上了


美術館,享受美好時刻.. Relax, Enjoy Art bring you back to Mental Peace. Open a new tab: Windows: CTRL +...

Super Evil New Tab

Fixes the super evil new tab page. 修復了超級邪惡的新標簽頁。.. This extension overrides the default `chrome://newta...

Enhancer for Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc

Show trailers, IMDb/Simkl ratings, secret categories and much more, on the Netflix page. Sync Netflix or Crunchyroll to Simkl. 在Netflix頁面上顯示預告片、IMDb/Simkl收視率、機密類別等。將Netflix或Crunchyroll同步到Simkl。


Quickly save links from around the web. 快速保存來自網絡的鏈接。.. FEATURES - Save links to read or to keep: artic...

Notetab – capture your thoughts

Capture your thoughts seamlessly in the new tab page 在新的標簽頁中無縫捕捉您的想法.. Replace the new tab with a bette...

Steam Achievement Tools

Filter achievements on Steam's website 在Steam網站上篩選成就.. A simple tool for searching and filtering achiev...

Make 20s clip from any video –

Media screen recorder, capture any 20s highlight from any video and save to your collections 媒體屏幕錄像機,從任何視頻中捕獲任何20秒高光并保存到您的收藏中

FoxTel Click To Call

This extension detects phone numbers and add phone icon with link to an external application. 此分機檢測電話號碼并添加帶有指向外部應用程序鏈接的電話圖標。

Binance Alerts

Unofficial extension to set price alerts on Binance 對Binance設置價格警報的非正式擴展.. Unofficial extension to set ...

ADG3 Colour Palette

Pop out palette for quickly accessing the Atlassian Design Guidelines 3 colours 彈出式調色板,可快速訪問Atlassian設計指南3種顏色

BBerry: helps to save money!

Discounts, coupons, promo-codes, sales in e-shops. Install the addon and start to save from the first minute! 折扣、優惠券、促銷碼、電子商店銷售。安裝加載項并從第一分鐘開始保存!

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