Fast Duplicate Tab Closer

Extension prevents duplicate of websites by focusing on already opened tabs. 擴展通過關注已經打開的標簽頁來防止網站重復。

World Clocks [FVD]

World Clocks widget with TimeZone. Displayed up to six clocks for FVD Speed Dial [FVD] 帶時區的世界時鐘小部件。FVD快速撥號顯示多達六個時鐘


覓魚是一款網購決策輔助工具,致力于為您高效挑選心儀商品,讓優惠隨手可得.. 覓魚是一款網購決策輔助工具,致力于為您高效挑選心儀商品,讓優惠隨手可得,同時保護您的網購安全。覓魚由騰訊電腦管家推出,為您提供“安...

LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement

The LRT Power*Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of a domain or page you are currently visiting. LRT Power*信任度量可幫助您評估當前訪問的域或頁面的質量和可靠性。

Web Notifications Disabler

Block annoying web notification popups 阻止惱人的web通知彈出窗口.. This Extension disable the annoying Web notific...

Gujarati GK

General Knowledge quiz in Gujarati 古吉拉特語常識測驗.. General Knowledge quiz in Gujarati now available for Goo...

Block Facebook

Block Facebook Completely 完全屏蔽Facebook.. Block Facebook helps you protect your privacy by blocking all ...

Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment on Download songs, ring tones, wallpapers and much more on your mobile & PC 在Hungama.com上享受無限娛樂。在手機和PC上下載歌曲、鈴聲、壁紙等


Affilitizer highlights advertisers with affiliate programs within Google Search result pages and in the address bar. Affilitizer在Google搜索結果頁面和地址欄中用附屬程序突出顯示廣告商。


This extension resolves CORS request blocking errors, allowing you to watch HLS videos (m3u8 / ts) 此擴展解決了CORS請求阻塞錯誤,允許您觀看HLS視頻(m3u8/ts)


Because copy to clipboard buttons should exist on every code snippet 因為每個代碼片斷上都應該存在復制到剪貼板按鈕。

Ski Mayhem

Ski Mayhem FREE 無滑雪障礙.. Welcome to Ski Mayhem (FREE Version) by Hydar Games!Ski Mayhem (FREE Version) i...

Forestpin Lite

Detect Fraud, Find Outliers - Forensic tests for auditors, investigators, accountants 發現欺詐库博体育官网登录,發現異常值-審計人員,調查人員,會計師的法醫檢驗

Checker Plus for Google Drive™

Quickly browse your Google Drive files without opening a webpage and get notifications of modifications to your shared documents 在不打開網頁的情況下快速瀏覽Google Drive文件,并獲取對共享文檔的修改通知

Omegle Chat Helper

Use Omelge more easy and fast with the Omegle Chat Helper, no need to click next and type a welcome messagem we automate it. 使用Omelge與Omegle聊天助手更方便快捷,無需單擊“下一步”并鍵入歡迎消息,我們將其自動化。

ReCaptcha Extractor and Automator

Solve, extract and automate ReCaptcha data collection. 解決、提取和自動化ReCaptcha數據收集。.. This is a Chrome Exten...


Improved EPUB exporter for Fimfiction 改進的EPUB Fimfiction出口商.. This is a Chrome extension to generate im...

Learner’s Dictionary

The best dictionary available for English language learners! 為英語學習者提供的字典!.. A free site designed espe...

Bye Rupert

Installing this extension will block all websites that Rupert Murdoch controls. 安裝這個擴展將阻止魯珀特默多克控制的所有網站。

Grandfather Deco Mezzora Timer

A mezzora timer with the sounds of a grandfather clock. 一種帶有祖父鐘聲音的中音計時器。.. Grandfather Deco Mezzora Tim...

Zoho Assist – Free Remote Access Software

一款優秀的遠程支持應用库博体育官网登录,可安全地從您的瀏覽器上訪問其他計算機。 它是 Chrome Remote Desktop 的最佳替代方案。.. Zoho Assist 可讓您連接至全球任何地方的遠程計算機库博体育官网登录,只要它們...


Powerful training software that helps companies Execute Better. Equip your employees to reach their full potential. 強大的培訓軟件,幫助公司更好地執行。讓你的員工充分發揮他們的潛能。


Qmee rewards you for the searches you do everyday. Qmee會獎勵你每天的搜索。.. Extra results with cash rewards app...

Music Mode for YouTube

The distraction-free way to listen to music on YouTube. 在YouTube上收聽音樂的無干擾方式。.. Built for those who like...

*NEW ANIMATED* Flowers HD Wallpapers New Tab

Flower images that wallpaper your new tab. Incredible animation of roses carnations tulips daisies and more colorful spring. 為新標簽貼壁紙的花卉圖片。令人難以置信的玫瑰康乃馨郁金香雛菊和更加多彩的春天動畫。

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