IMDb Runtime

Convert IMDb movie/tv runtimes to hours and minutes. 將IMDb電影/電視運行時間轉換為小時和分鐘。.. Automatically convert ru...

Kurator Toolbar

Kurator Toolbar that displays on News Corp article pages. 新聞集團文章頁面上顯示的Kurator工具欄。

Reader Mode Pro

A feature-packed distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools 一種具有閱讀障礙支持和研究工具的特征打包無干擾網絡閱讀器

SeeOnce Privacy

High strength end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy for your favorite email, plus real-time secure chat 高強度的端到端加密库博体育官网登录,為您喜愛的電子郵件提供完美的前向保密,外加實時安全聊天

Interview Mocha

Cloud based online assessment software for pre-employment and employee skill testing with google apps integration for single sign on 基于云計算的在線評估軟件,用于雇傭前和員工技能測試,與谷歌應用程序集成库博体育官网登录,用于單點登錄

Gmail Time Tracker

Time logging service to help you track your reading and writing in email, so that you can include it in your billable hours. 時間記錄服務,幫助您跟蹤您的閱讀和寫電子郵件,以便您可以包括在您的計費時間。

Anticipation for YouTube and Twitch

Hides YouTube & Twitch video lengths, progress bar, & times of related videos to prevent spoilers - very useful for sports videos 隱藏YouTube和抽搐視頻長度、進度條和相關視頻的時間,以防止破壞-對體育視頻非常有用


QueryCrumbs are a compact visualization of your recent Google search history. Every Crumb represents a query. QueryCrumbs compare… QueryCrumbs是你最近的Google搜索歷史的緊湊可視化。每個面包屑代表一個查詢。比較QueryCrumbs…

Alexa Voice & Tone Buddy

Enhance Voice & Tone view in Amazon Alexa Developer Console. 增強Amazon Alexa開發者控制臺中的語音和音調視圖。

Soundtrack Tracklist

Soundtrack tracklists (OST, Score music) for games, movies, films, anime and TV series 游戲、電影、電影、動畫和電視劇的原聲曲目列表(OST、樂譜)


Your time is your life, this extension reminds you to use it wisely. Boost your performance and success. 你的時間就是你的生命,這個延伸提醒你要明智地使用它。提高你的表現和成功。

Meteor MiniMongo Explorer

Handy extension for reviewing local Meteor database - MiniMongo. 查看本地流星數據庫的方便擴展-MiniMongo。


辦公室看盤炒股利器,不會被上司發現的看盤軟件.. 股票小助手是辦公室一族股民的利器库博体育官网登录,方便您炒股不被老板發現。實時顯示股票信息、滬深指數及股票價格。 主要功能: 1.添加自選股票,添加后股票信息會保存在本...

CSS Boffin

Discover CSS world with us on every page you visit! 在您訪問的每一頁上與我們一起探索CSS世界!.. Helps to discover CSS styl...

Molten-WoW Auto Vote

Automates the vote process for you on Molten-WoW. 自動投票過程為你熔巖哇。.. UPDATE 2014-09-25: Well it's been over... Web Application Scanning Web Application Scanning Web應用程序掃描.. The WAS Chrome Extension helps yo...

Irfan-ul-Quran (Urdu Translation)

Urdu Translation of holy Quran by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to download FREE 伊斯蘭導師穆罕默德·塔希爾·烏爾卡德里博士翻譯的烏爾都語古蘭經可免費下載


A fast, free, modern RSS Reader. A Solid Google Reader Replacement With Built-In Search And Social Sharing. 一個快速,免費,現代的RSS閱讀器。一個堅實的谷歌閱讀器替代內置搜索和社交共享。

Wavebid Form Builder

This extension pulls data from the website and populates a form. 此擴展從Wavebid.com網站提取數據并填充表單。

myDownloadManager Search

myDownloadManager Search myDownloadManager搜索.. Easily search the web and downloads folder. This extens...


Allow you to use two finger scroll on your Mac trackpad in Google Maps. 允許您在Google地圖的Mac軌跡板上使用兩個手指滾動。

Gmail Image Border

Manage image borders in a Gmail letter 管理Gmail信函中的圖像邊框.. This extension helps to manage borders for pas...

Apollo Justice

Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice by: GreenTantei 王牌律師-阿波羅大法官:格林坦蒂.. Apollo Justice Theme. Please rate! (De...

LumWork Extension

Manage your corporate data and documentation within Google Apps, with advanced functionalities 使用高級功能在谷歌應用程序中管理您的公司數據和文檔

Clear Cookie and Reload

Clear Cookie for current tab and reload 清除當前選項卡的Cookie并重新加載.. Clear cookies for current tab and reload ...

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