Tag completion for the Danbooru web site. Danbooru網站的標記完成。.. This extension adds tag completion to the ...

Taylor Swift – Red Album (HD)

A theme based on Taylor Swift's Red album. Brought to you by a dedicated Swiftie. 一個基于泰勒·斯威夫特紅色專輯的主題。由一個專心致志的迅捷者帶給你。

Reply Ninja

Add instant, inline replies to Gmail 向Gmail添加即時內聯回復.. Stop wasting time formatting replies! 
With reply...

Wikipedia Shuffle

Shuffle through random Wikipedia articles 隨機瀏覽維基百科文章.. Wikipedia Shuffle is a clean and simple app whic...


You can upload a file and use this data for your tasks. Go through the list, extract data and save in CSV. 您可以上載文件并將此數據用于任務。瀏覽列表库博体育官网登录,提取數據并保存在CSV中。

Web Nanny

Filter profanity in webpages 過濾網頁中的褻瀆.. Web Nanny protects you from profane language on the internet. Y...

Versant for Web – Local

With Versant for Web - Local, you can take a Versant language test anytime, anywhere. Versant for Web - Local is compatible with… 使用Versant for Web-Local,您可以隨時隨地參加Versant語言測試。Versant for Web-Local與…


Simple weather application 簡單的天氣應用.. Simple weather application which uses weather data from OpenWeathe...


Replace your new tab page with a simple notepad. 用一個簡單的記事本替換新的標簽頁。.. Lucid replaces your New Tab page w...


Learn Japanese each time you open a new tab. 每次打開一個新的標簽頁就學習日語。.. Learn Japanese each time you open a ne...


Search and highlight multiple words on web pages. 搜索并突出顯示網頁上的多個單詞。.. Can do for you: - Highlight multi...

Extensions Button

Provides quick icon access to your Chrome extensions. 提供快速圖標訪問您的Chrome擴展。.. This is a simple lightweigh...

NewsWhip Chrome Extension

How viral is your content? Now, you can check with just a click. 你的內容病毒性如何?現在库博体育官网登录,你只需點擊一下就可以查看。

NFL Green Bay Packers Wallpapers HD New Tab

Get this NFL NewTab Themes to enjoy HD wallpapers of the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in every new tab. 讓這個NFL紐塔布主題享受高清壁紙的綠灣包裝和亞倫羅杰斯在每個新的標簽。

讀取 USB 與串行接口設備的數據

讓普通網頁也能讀取使用串行接口接入到電腦的設備的數據,例如電子秤的讀數。.. 若要使用此擴展,請郵件聯系我。 ...

Markdown Formatter

Formats Markdown files as HTML. 將標記文件格式化為HTML。.. This is an extension that formats Markdown text as HTM...


The Addon OGame deserves 這個插件應該得到.. Features - supports OGame version 6.2.2 - all functions can be en...

Clipboard History Manager

A full-featured desktop clipboard manager for Mac, Windows and Linux to track what you copy & paste 用于Mac、Windows和Linux的全功能桌面剪貼板管理器,用于跟蹤復制和粘貼的內容


Add this app to your Chrome browser to make reading new articles great again. 將此應用程序添加到您的Chrome瀏覽器中,使閱讀新文章再次成為一件好事。


Extension for the website www.saltybet.com, adding controls to the interface. Bet on saltybet without ever using the keyboard ! -… 網站www.saltybet.com的擴展,向界面添加控件。不用鍵盤就賭鹽瓶!-…


An extension to stash and snapshot groups of tabs 選項卡的存儲組和快照組的擴展.. Tabalanche is an extension that lets...

Ebay DropShipping : order from Aliexpress

Copy & Paste Shipping Data from Ebay to Aliexpress in 2 Clicks - For Free 從易趣復制和粘貼運輸數據到Aliexpress只需點擊兩次-免費


Create amazing Posters and Flyers in minutes. Thousands of templates, free downloads and easy tools. 在幾分鐘內制作出令人驚嘆的海報和傳單。數以千計的模板库博体育官网登录,免費下載和簡單的工具。


An extension for designers and developers who care about vertical rhythm. 為關注垂直節奏的設計師和開發人員提供的擴展。

Taboola Pixel Helper

This extension allows the user to troubleshoot problems when using Taboola Pixels. 此擴展允許用戶在使用Taboola Pixels時排除問題。

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