Git First

Takes you to first commit of any GitHub repository 帶您第一次提交任何GitHub存儲庫.. Git First is a chrome extension...

Google Optimize

Facilitates editing content with Google Optimize. 有助于使用Google Optimize編輯內容。.. The Optimize extension he...


A Christian Theme! For the love of God! 基督教的主題!為了上帝的愛!.. A Christian Theme! For the love of God! ...


Remember the best of what you read 記住你讀過的的東西.. Hibou uses the magic of spaced repetition to help you ...


Access all of Google's amazing products, services and control panels from one easy place. 從一個簡單的地方訪問谷歌所有令人驚嘆的產品、服務和控制面板。

Bottle for Chrome

Browse the Bitcoin SV blockchain using the b:// and c:// protocols - simply use the address bar! 使用b://和c://協議瀏覽比特幣SV區塊鏈-只需使用地址欄!

Github Trending New Tab

This unofficial extension shows the top trending github repos as provided by 此非正式擴展顯示了由提供的頂級趨勢github回購


Teach Geometry using 3D realistic Straight Edge, Compass, Protractor, Set Square and Pencil 使用3D逼真的直尺、指南針、量角器、方格和鉛筆教授幾何

Crypto Launcher

Quickly launch NEEDED crypto sites 快速啟動所需的加密站點.. All of the most needed cryptocurrency websites readily...

Differently Imported for

Differently Imported: addictive electronic music player for Di.Fm 不同進口:用于Di.Fm的上癮電子音樂播放器

textlint: Proofreader

Proofread your texts as you type based on textlint rules! 根據textlint規則校對文本!.. textlint is a pluggable, ...

SLT Usage Meter

This extension allows you to check your SLT broadband usage. 此分機允許您檢查您的SLT寬帶使用情況。

Share To Slack

A Chrome Extension allowing users to quickly & easily share their current website to a channel, group or specific user within Slack. Chrome擴展允許用戶在Slack中快速輕松地將其當前網站分享給某個頻道、組或特定用戶。


Altaas latest technical news and posts Altaas最新技術新聞和帖子.. All latest technologies,technical news happeni...

Cookie Notice Blocker

Remove most of those annoying "We value your privacy" & cookie notices from websites. 刪除網站上大多數惱人的“我們重視您的隱私”和cookie通知。

Stand Up! Timer

This extension reminds you to take a break from work. 這個分機提醒你休息一下。.. Scientists have found that sitting...


玩塔防游戲有自由發揮的最佳選擇。.. A prototypical tower defense game was the Atari Games release Rampart in 1990. By th...


Quick links to Axiom Mentor, Easy Bib, Citation Maker, and CQ Researcher. 快速鏈接到公理導師库博体育官网登录,輕松圍兜库博体育官网登录,引證制造商,和CQ研究員。

Yammer Desktop Notifier

Yammer Desktop Notifier provides desktop notifications when you receive new private Yammer chat messages. Yammer桌面通知程序在您收到新的私人Yammer聊天消息時提供桌面通知。

Fashion Box

喜你所見,購你所愛。.. 喜你所見,購你所愛。看到完美的衣服、鞋子和包包?只要Fashion Box在手库博体育官网登录,那些完美的寶貝便一觸可及!在線看到一位模特穿著一雙超贊的鞋子,使用Fashion Box一掃便可自動...

Lotus Notes Link/URL Generator

Used for Generating the Notes URLs from NDL 用于從NDL生成Notes url.. This extension is used for Generating L...

*NEW* Christmas Puppies Wallpapers Tab Theme

Holiday pups wallpaper image on the new tab celebrating Christmas themes songs music and cute puppies! 新標簽上的節日小狗壁紙圖片慶祝圣誕節主題歌曲音樂和可愛的小狗!


Keeps you logged in to the SocialTalent Platform | Gathers browser statistics | Delivers nudges for better work habits 讓您登錄到SocialAlent平臺|收集瀏覽器統計信息|為改善工作習慣提供幫助

Mathflowy: TeX equations for Workflowy

Render TeX / LaTeX math equations in Workflowy with MathJax. 使用MathJax以工作流方式呈現TeX/LaTeX數學公式。

Minterapp Time Tracker

This extension helps to track time to increase your productivity 此擴展有助于跟蹤時間以提高生產率

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